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Dr. DeBose is currently a professor in the MSW department and chair of the department’s admission committee. During the past six and half years, he served as chair of the Sociology department where he was responsible for the departmental administration, 22 full time, 34 - 40 part time faculty members and 1950 majors. He has been a faculty member at CSUN for the last 20 years and teaches Introduction to Social Welfare, Introduction to Social Work Practice, Social Work Practice in Multicultural Communities, Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Race Relations, Social Policy and Ethnic Diversity in America. Additionally, he teaches Organizational Theory and Behavior in the Masters of Public Administration program at CSUN. Also, he was one of the founding members of the CSUN MSW program seven years ago. During his 20 years at CSUN, he has received the Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award (1999-2000) and the Extraordinary Service Award (2000-2001). His primary areas of research are Diversity in the Workplace, Biracial/ Multiracial Identity, At-Risk Youth, Community Policing, and HIV/AIDS among minority populations. The research has afforded him the opportunity to make at least sixty presentations at international, national, regional and local professional conferences and meetings over the last 20 years.
Prior to accepting his position at CSUN, he worked in a variety of positions for Los Angeles County (18 years) and the United States Peace Corps (2 years). He worked as a Psychiatric Social Worker on the Psychiatric Emergency Team and as a Patient Rights Advocate for the mentally ill with Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. He also worked as an Evaluator for the Drug Abuse Program Office and the AIDS Program Office where he was Unit Head responsible for Training, Partner Notification, and Behavior Change sections with Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. Additionally, he facilitated several groups with individuals who were HIV positive or had full-blown AIDS. In his employment with the United States Peace Corps, he served as Associate Peace Corps Director in Kenya (1985 – 1987) where he was responsible for approximately 125 Peace Corps volunteers in the Western Province of Kenya. It should be noted, he was a United States Peace Corps Volunteer himself serving in an education program in Kenya (1969 to 1972).
He has been sharing his experience and knowledge with others by serving on several advisory boards and committees (i.e. Los Angeles County Mental Health Commissioner, Los Angeles Police Department Professional Advisory Committee (reserved LAPD officer), and Los Angeles City Historic Overlay Zone). He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that he has gained over the past 41 years of employment. He creatively communicates the essence of his knowledge and experience to others so that they can also communicate and work effectively with the growing diverse population of the United States of America and the world.

CSUN Students European Travel

August 4, 2014

group shot of professors and students on European trip

In June 2014, Dr. Donal O’Sullivan of the History Department and Dr. Jody Myers of Jewish Studies led a group of students on a two week trip to Poland and Lithuania to explore the impacts of twentieth century history in Eastern Europe.  Read more