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  • CSUN alumna Erin Oxhorn-Gilpin is one of California's 2018 Teachers of the Year.

    Alumna is California Teacher of the Year

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    "Under Armour Faculty" Mentor CSUN Athletes

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  • La Nueva Cuba! The Next Generation, April 21

    La Nueva Cuba! The Next Generation, April 21

Chaparral Hall Dedication


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Video Transcript

I am one of the architects from Cannon Design. I've been working on it for a couple of years. They wanted a place that could be both be a gathering place for the students as well as serving the academic and research needs of the science faculty. The main differences are working differences: we have nanopure water and distilled water. That might not make a lot of sense.  It's a huge advantage.  It's a lot easier for research.  We have larger classrooms; on the ground floor there's huge classrooms to deal with large sizes.  A lot of the introductory courses are required for everybody so with that and smart classrooms, but the labs, the layout was designed by the professor who was moving into them. Everything was kind of optimized so you could work efficiently and do your research without any kind of hindrance.


We exceeded in terms of energy savings. We also have all the landscaping is stored into any kind of draught. So you can see that they're pretty they don't require a lot of water. It means a state of the art facility for one of our premier academic programs. It means a renewed physical environment for students and faculty to study and learn together. It means a graceful, wonderfully designed building that faculty, staff, and students will enjoy being in.



Wednesday, May 8, 2013