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Virtual Private Network

Faculty, staff and students who use CSUN's virtual private network (VPN) to access campus resources from off-campus have access to the VPN (GlobalProtect). 

Enhanced security and privacy are the two main reasons to use VPN. You also have an ability to access University resources such as information on your network drives. This provides you with a safe way of accessing your applications and files as though your computer or mobile device was on campus.

Uninstall Previous VPN Solution (Pulse Secure)

Before CSUN's VPN GlobalProtect can be installed, the previous solution, Pulse Secure must be uninstalled from your machine. For machines running Windows, if you are unable to uninstall Pulse Secure from your machine, please visit Windows Support for assistance. 

How Do I Get VPN?

Students, faculty, staff (and other approved users) with a CSUN user ID and password can download VPN to their computers from the IT Downloads Page, or to their mobile devices from the iOS app store or Google Play store. The VPN software is available for no additional cost and downloading only takes a few minutes.

How do I install and configure VPN - GlobalProtect?

Need Help?

If you need assistance please contact the IT Help Center by phone (818-677-1400), online at ( or in person in the University Library, First Floor, Learning Commons.

FAQs - Acceptable Use Terms and Conditions

Who is eligible to use VPN?

Active CSUN faculty, staff, auxiliary, enrolled students and approved guests may utilize the benefits of CSUN’s GlobalProtect VPN. Approved users are responsible for installing the required client software to connect to the CSUN VPN. 

Is Duo required?

Yes. In addition to your CSUN User ID and password Duo MFA is required to log in to VPN. 

Can I let someone else use my VPN session?

No. All authentications to CSUN’s network are logged and associated with the user, as permitted by CSU Policy. Users will be automatically disconnected from the CSUN network after 12 hours. The user can immediately log on again to reconnect to the CSUN network. If a problem is encountered please report it to the IT Help Center.

What if there is suspicious activity on my account?

To maintain security, VPN services will be terminated immediately if any suspicious activity is found. Service may also be disabled until the issue has been identified and resolved. Any CSUN faculty, staff, student, auxiliary found to have intentionally violated the VPN Acceptable Use Terms will be subject to loss of VPN privileges.