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myCSUNbox is CSUN's secure cloud-based file storage and collaboration solution that gives students, faculty and staff the ability to access content at any time, from any device.

All users are automatically provided with an individual myCSUNbox account and university divisions, colleges, departments, and other groups such as committees can request a group account by contacting the IT Help Center.  

Confidential Data

If you are storing confidential data online, you should only use Confidential Box. You should not store confidential data in your regular myCSUNbox account. Learn more about protected data here. Only users who have been cleared to access confidential data will be able to use Confidential Box. 

Box Drive 

Box Drive, allows users to access all content in myCSUNbox, not just previously specified files. Users have the ability to make folders available even when offline, use the operating system File Explorer instead of the web interface, and easily search myCSUNbox content from your computer.

Box Drive is available to download and install on university-owned devices. For more information visit the Box Drive page. 

For more tools and resources, visit the Software Solutions for Teaching and Interaction page


Why should I use myCSUNbox?

How do I get started with myCSUNbox?

Sign in to with your CSUN user ID and password. Once you are logged in to your account, add collaborators and begin collaborating using a user's If you don't know the user ID, search for the user within Box or request it from the user.

Individual Accounts 

If you are a CSUN student, faculty or staff, you are automatically issued an individual myCSUNbox account. Use your individual account to store and share files that belong to you. 

Group Accounts

Divisions, colleges, departments, and other groups such as committees can obtain a group account by contacting the IT Help Center. Use group accounts to store and share files that belong to the group. If you have been granted access to a group account, it will appear as a folder with the group's name when you log in to myCSUNbox. 

Best Practices for Group Accounts 

  • Owning a group account and adding group members – Each group account should have at least two co-owners; they are responsible for adding group members and owners for any subfolders.
  • Naming your group account and creating subfolders – The IT Help Center will use your division, college, department, or committee's name for your group account's name. For divisions and colleges, your folder structure should mirror your organizational structure. For committees, use your committee's name. 
  • Sharing folders – When sharing a folder, share the highest-level folder accessed by that user; this will help reduce the number of folders in a user's account. 

How do I access an accessible version of myCSUNbox?

To access an accessible version of myCSUNbox:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your CSUN Email Address and Password, and then select the Log In button.  
  3. A CSUN log in page displays. Enter your CSUN User ID and Password, and then select the Login button. 
  4. The accessible version of myCSUNBox displays.

For more information on A.Box.Com, visit the Using A.Box.Com for Accessibility page. 

What's New in myCSUNbox?

myCSUNbox users can now collaborate in real-time by using Office Online. Edit a file at the same time as colleagues and external partners and see all changes being made as they happen. Whether it's a project plan in Word, sales proposal in PowerPoint or financial plan in Excel, you can edit it in real-time with others, in Box. All edits automatically save, avoiding version conflict - plus, you can pull up a previous version to reference old content whenever needed.

To see how it works, check out Box for Office Online with Real-Time Co-Authoring.

How can I get the most out of using myCSUNbox?

View the Box Add-Ons and Apps document to learn about add-ons for your desktop, laptop and apps for your mobile devices; these will will help you get the most out of your myCSUNbox account. 

What type of data can I store in myCSUNbox?

To learn how the CSU classifies confidential data, visit CSUN's Protected Data page.

Data Types OkNot Ok

Data classified as Level 1 Confidential (e.g. Social Security numbers and credit card numbers)


Data classified as Level 2 Internal (e.g. Birth dates, student information, employee information). Files storing Level 2 data should be encrypted. View a guide for encryption and password protection for documents


Data classified as Level 3 General (e.g. Any file that does not contain confidential such as project documents, committee agendas and minutes, PowerPoint presentations, event flyers, etc.)


Where can I get training for myCSUNbox?

Box Help and LinkedIn Learning offer an extensive library of resources for all users. We have compiled some of the most popular resources on the left-hand side of this page under Quick Guides and Must-See Videos

Will deleting or adding a file to myCSUNbox affect files in Confidential Box?

No. Creating, updating, or deleting a file on one Box account has no effect on the other. 

How do I create a myCSUNbox File Request Form?

A myCSUNbox File Request gives you a secure way to request and obtain files. myCSUNbox uses an easy drag and group graphic interface, you create a web form that enables you to:

  • Securely request files
  • Gather information with Metadata which can be set as required/optional 
  • Enables extra security and email validation with link settings 
  • Kickoff work flows 

To view the steps on how to make your own Box file request please visit CSUN's Creating a myCSUNbox File Request webpage. 

Where can I get help?

Box Help offers an extensive library of resources for all users. You can also contact the IT Help Center.