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Information Security

Information Security is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and data integrity of university computing assets, including university–owned computers, applications, servers, and the data residing on those devices. Information Security strives to maintain the security of university systems and data to prevent it from being used for unintended purposes by educating the campus community about security related issues, preventing the unwanted access of university records by intruders, and developing effective methods of responding to information security incidents. 

Security Alerts

Red alert button.  Yahoo Email Breach (09/22/16)

Yahoo has reported a breach of its email system. According to their report, hackers have stolen passwords and personal information. CSUN recommends that you change your Yahoo password and if you used the same or similar password for your CSUN account, then change your CSUN password as well. Your CSUN password should not be used for external sites. 

Red alert button.  iOS Security Patch Available (09/02/16)

Apple pushed out a small but critical security patch for iOS. If you use an iDevice, make sure you have the latest update by following these instructions from Sophos

Red alert button.  Dropbox Breach (08/31/16)

A Dropbox data breach that occurred in 2012 is still a threat to users who have not changed their password in the last four years. If you use your CSUN user ID, email address or password to access Dropbox, change your password immediately. 

Red alert button.  LinkedIn (06/16/16)

If you are a LinkedIn user, there is a good chance that your password has been compromised. You can check if your credentials have been compromised by checking this website. Please protect your CSUN user ID and password and do not use them in external applications or web sites. We recommend that you change your password in LinkedIn and if the credentials were used in both places, please change your CSUN password as well. 

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Need Help with Information Security?

Contact the Office of Information Security at (818) 677-6100. To report incidents of abuse, send an email to or: