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Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the CSUN community in its endeavor to transform and elevate students’ lives through education, by spearheading the integration of technology and universal design to enrich teaching and learning.

To accomplish this mission, we champion equitable access to education regardless of one’s ability and background, create professional development training opportunities, support the adoption of instructional technology for curricular enrichment, and develop data-supported tools to facilitate faculty, staff, and student success.

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of service, promoting innovation in the classroom, and fostering partnerships that benefit our CSUN community.

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Dr. Helen Heinrich Appointed Associate Vice President for Academic Technology

January 9, 2023

helen heinrich

CSUN Information Technology is very pleased to announce that, following a hiring search, Dr. Helen Heinrich has been appointed Associate Vice President for Academic Technology. Leveraging her institutional knowledge, technical expertise, and a collaborative leadership style, Helen has served CSUN's Division of Information Technology since 2013 as Director of Data & Analytics and over the last two years as Interim Associate Vice President (AVP) for Academic Technology. Read More About Dr. Helen Heinrich Appointed AVP for Academic Technology

ChatGPT: Ai Writing in Higher Ed

February 23, 2023

a robotic hand pressing the enter key on a computer keyboard

In the fast-paced world of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly significant role in all areas of life, including higher education. AI technologies are changing the way we learn, teach, and engage with information. One of the most exciting new AI technologies available today is ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. Read More About ChatGPT: Ai Writing in Higher Ed

New Student Technology Resource Module

February 23, 2023

Feature module csun student technology resources undergraduate and graduate

Did you know that many CSUN students are not aware that they have access to free Microsoft Word? Or that 50% are not aware of myCSUNbox cloud storage? The 2022 IT Student Survey found that students are not aware of the many technology resources available to them, many of which are available at little to no cost. Faculty are a key component in sharing information with students and building awareness. But where do faculty go to find the information needed?  Read more about the new student technology resource module

New 2023 DEIG Grant Awarded to AT

February 23, 2023

Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant

Academic Technology, in partnership with the Office of Student Success, is thrilled to announce that they have been awarded another Diversity, Equity and Innovation Grant for the project "Disseminating the keys to Digital Equity 2.0: Peer-to-Peer Technology Training for Early Start Students."  

This initiative will fund training for student employees to develop computer and digital literacy skills and then present them to Early Start students in the summer.The project specifically targets "non-tech" students as trainers, so that they can benefit from the training in technology. 

Read More About New 2023 DEIG Grant Awarded to AT

What Does a11y Mean?

February 23, 2023

accessibility symbol the word accessible under it numbers 1 through 10 and a11y

“a11y” stands for “accessibility.” A numeronym is a number-based word with 11 for the number of letters between the letters a and y. A11y often appears on social media platforms like Twitter because space is limited and every character counts #a11y. It is always good practice to spell the word and any abbreviations or make a reference to your abbreviation when used for the first time. Read More About What Does a11y Mean?