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Academic Technology

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the CSUN community in its endeavor to transform and elevate students’ lives through education, by spearheading the integration of technology and universal design to enrich teaching and learning.

To accomplish this mission, we champion equitable access to education regardless of one’s ability and background, create professional development training opportunities, support the adoption of instructional technology for curricular enrichment, and develop data-supported tools to facilitate faculty, staff, and student success.

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of service, promoting innovation in the classroom, and fostering partnerships that benefit our CSUN community.

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The Newly Redesigned CSUN App

July 2, 2024

New CSUN app student dashboard.

The CSUN app has been revamped with students in mind but there is a lot to offer faculty and staff as well. It includes a new look and feel, more content, and easier navigation!  Read more about the newly designed CSUN app!

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How Technology is Reshaping the College Student Experience

The Faculty Center - Information for New Faculty

May 28, 2024

The Faculty Center graphic.

The Faculty Center is where faculty can view class rosters & wait lists, manage permission numbers, and enter grades. Find out how!  Read more about the Faculty Center

Setting the Language For a PDF

March 21, 2024

Graphic of a laptop with a PDF on the screen

PDFs should specify the language of the content, but often don’t. Setting the language helps assistive technology such as screenreaders to present the content correctly. From a PDF editor such as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, select the File tab, then Properties. Select the Advanced tab. Under Reading Options, set the Language value. Read More About Setting the Language For a PDF

Minor in Disability Studies

March 21, 2024

a smiling student next to CSUN Disability Studies Minor Breaking Boundaries

CSUN instituted the first minor in Disability Studies in the CSU, and we have one of only a few programs in Disability Studies nationwide. Emerging out of the civil rights and disability rights movement, Disability Studies examines the social, cultural, historical, and political structures that inform disability. Read More About Minor in Disability Studies

Captioning Instructional Videos

January 30, 2024

a hand holding up video screens

Did you know that CSUN will caption your instructional videos at no cost to your department? Many films and videos are already captioned, so check the video you want to present. If it is not captioned – or if the captions are poor quality - you can submit your videos to the NCOD: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services to have them professionally captioned. Read More About Captioning Instructional Videos

Course Accessibility Report

December 21, 2023

A laptop with a green check on the screen

What’s one simple step you can take to improve the accessibility of your course(s) before the next semester starts? Review your Course Accessibility Report.

Your Course Accessibility Report is specific to each course you teach using Canvas, and it is viewable only* by you. The report gives you a measure of the accessibility status of your course, a list of all of your course content and the accessibility of each file, and a list of the accessibility challenges that Canvas Ally found in your course. Read More About Course Accessibility Report

AI & Accessibility

September 21, 2023

computer processor that says AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making the digital world more accessible. Paradoxically, some AI tools are themselves not accessible. If you want to use AI in your class this Fall, offer an alternate way to complete those assignments and/or check with the Universal Design Center (UDC) about the accessibility of the tool you’ve chosen. Read more about AI & Accessibility