College of Humanities

Office of the Dean - Personnel

Sheena Malhotra, Ph.D.

  • Administrator in Charge
    of the College

    She has kindly agreed
    to serve until the appointment
    of the Interim Dean.

Sheena MalhotraSheena Malhotra, Ph.D.

Janene White

Jackie Stallcup, Ph.D.Jackie E. Stallcup, Ph.D.

Suren SeropianSuren Seropian

  • Grants Officer

Vanessa L. MartinezVanessa L. Martinez, M.S.

Matthew LangMatthew Lang

Celina Batenhorst, M.P.A.

Noreen Galvin

Evelyn S. Garcia

Eli Hadnett

James R. Lunsford, M.F.A.

Gael McDermott

Matthew Medina

Jamie Skeggs

Judith Spiegel, M.F.A.