Central American Studies

  • Central American and Transborder Studies
  • Class of 2022 and the CATS Faculty Together
  • Class of 2022 at the CATS Award Ceremony
  • Rock sculpture with spherical hollow interior and geometric windows
  • Panorama City High School students in a group visiting CSUN
  • Sky writing over Los Angeles, "No cages, no jaulas."
  • Wall mural with colorful birds, and plants growing in front of it
  • Group of people standing around hand drums
  • Central American archaeological dig

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Department of Central American and Transborder Studies

Mission Statement

The Department of Central American and Transborder Studies has a tri-fold mission:  to empower the large and growing Central American community in the United States by promoting academic excellence, community involvement, and cultural diversity; to open spaces of global citizenship and dialogue between academia and society that contribute to the construction of a Central American transnational identity; and to promote an understanding and appreciation of the diverse Central American cultures, ethnicities, experiences, and worldviews from an interdisciplinary global perspective.

Consider a degree in Central American Studies

Central Americans are one of the fastest-growing ethnic and transborder groups in the United States.  Having intimate knowledge and access to this complex and diverse community gives students vast opportunities to work in a variety of fields, as well as making students with a B.A. in Central American and Studies attractive for future employers.  It gives students hands-on experience in the community and provides them with practical credentials and professional training to thrive in a dynamically changing world.

A bachelor’s degree in Central American Studies presents an opportunity to explore, critically examine and understand the diversity of human interests, and it develops a network of Central American specialists.  The degree offers knowledge that enhances local, regional and transborder experiences, which include politics, nonprofit organizing, education, social counseling, journalism, justice studies and immigration, indigenous rights, medicine, business and entrepreneurship, gender studies, arts, entertainment and film.  Completing a major, double-major or a minor in Central American Studies is also an excellent opportunity to explore advanced graduate careers.