College of Humanities

Career Options for Degrees in Humanities

The College of Humanities comprises wide ranging academic disciplines that examine the human condition from expressive, cultural, and theoretical perspectives. Humanities students master the arts of thinking critically, analyzing information, and accommodating diverse ideas to understand and interpret our increasingly complex world. Degrees in the Humanities disciplines deliver a well-rounded education along with life skills that are always in demand, preparing students to pursue an endless variety of vocational goals and careers.

American Indian StudiesAsian American StudiesChicana-Chicano StudiesCentral American Transborder StudiesCivic and Community EngagementEnglishGender and Women's StudiesJewish StudiesInterdisciplinary Studies and Liberal StudiesLinguistics/TESLModern and Classical Languages and LiteraturesMiddle Eastern and Islamic StudiesPhilosophyQueer StudiesReligious Studies

CSUN Career Center, where students can attend a career counseling appointment and find out more about a particular career, get help writing a resume, and search for jobs and internships in their major.

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