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Happy Lunar New Year 2021!!!

year of the ox

yuán rì
元 日
"New Year’s Day"
wáng ān shí
By Wang Anshi

bào zhú shēng zhōng yí suì chú
The New Year is coming amid the sound of firecracker,

chūn fēng sòng nuǎn rù tú sū
The spring breeze has wafted the warm breath with Tusu wine.

qiān mén wàn hù tóng tóng rì
While the rising sun shines thousands of houses,

zǒng bǎ xīn táo huàn jiù fú
New peach wood charms replace the old ones.

Faculty Lunar New Year Traditions

On New Year’s morning, wearing a new dress, we take a special full bow (called SeBae in Korean) to our parents & older relatives and receive money gift. Then, the whole family gathers and eat a special meal called Dduk-Kuk (plain white rice cake soup) and play Yut Nori (Korean Board game). Adults have fun teasing the children, saying that if they fall asleep on the night before New Year's Day, their eyebrows will turn white. Afraid, children try hard to stay up all night... to no avail.      - Dr. Eunai Shrake, Department Chair


One of our own is a YouTuber!

February 9, 2021


Professor Teresa herself calls this a silly and quirky infotainment show about "three international housewives" talking about food, culture and lifestyle. . . Professor Teresa has decided to use her minor role in this Japanese YouTube show, "CRAZY FOR FOOD"  by foodots. to donate to organizations addressing food insecurities among struggling families, especially those hard hit by the pandemic.   Every episode she chooses a particular community-based organization to support.  She kicked off her donation campaign by choosing Atlanta, Georgia-based CONFIDENT WOMEN INC (CEO Stacee L. Hill). Read more


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