Asian American Studies

Asian American Studies

Welcome to the Asian American Studies Department

The Asian American Studies department emerges out of social justice struggles in solidarity with multiple oppressed communities.  It is dedicated to academic and community-based goals, including promoting learning and intellectual growth; stimulating professional development; enhancing and empowering Asian/Pacific Islander communities across local and global scales; and highlighting social, economic, political, legal, and cultural issues within existing and emerging communities to envision and effect just alternatives and social transformation. Read more about the department


Edith Chen Receives NIH Grant For Her Work On the Immigrant Health Paradox

March 2, 2018

Edith Chen speaking at a podium

Dr. Edith Chen has received a large NIH grant for her project entitled, “Is Assimilation Costing Asian Americans Their Health? Type 2 Diabetes in California's Asian American Populations.” This was preceded by an NIH-funded BUILD PODER pilot project about the epidemiological paradox, also known as the immigrant health paradox. Read more


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