Philosophy at CSUN

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The department is open during normal business hours (M - F/ 8 am - 5 pm) and can be reached via the main phone 818-677-2757 or by email at To schedule online appointments with the Philosophy Tutoring Center, book here. For advisement inquiries and holds, please reach out to Professor Kristina Meshelski, or Professor Robin Muller. For more information about CSUN and COVID-19, please review the COVID information page.


climbing a moebius stripThe philosophy department at CSUN has an excellent, well-trained faculty that is dedicated to nurturing the inner philosopher in each undergraduate. Class sizes are small, generally ranging from 20 to 34 students per class, which allows instructors to teach philosophy as it is taught at the most selective colleges and universities in America. A small class size creates a superior learning environment, where each student can explore his or her own philosophical views. It also allows the instructor to dedicate time to help each student strengthen his or her critical thinking, reading and writing skills. Philosophy at CSUN continues

What Is Philosophy?

spiral clockPhilosophy is the only discipline that investigates everything. It is also the only discipline that challenges everything, even itself. This is what separates philosophy from the sciences, history, literature and the arts. Although philosophy and these other disciplines share some of the same goals (along with scientists, philosophers want to uncover the nature of reality; along with historians, philosophers want to understand where we have come from; and along with artists, philosophers want to stimulate novel questions about human experience), philosophy alone aims to see how they are connected and to understand what makes them possible. What Is Philosophy? continues

Benefits of a Philosophy Major

Ptolemaic view of solar systemPhilosophy majors outperform nearly all other majors on the standardized tests used to get into graduate and professional schools, such as the GMAT, GRE, LSAT and MCAT. Some of the most successful business executives and entrepreneurs were philosophy majors.  Employers in all fields recognize the value of studying philosophy. There are many current reports on this. The study of philosophy can help one become a creative and independent thinker.  Many of the most important skills for academic and professional success are honed Benefits of a Philosophy Major continues

What's your Philosophical Personality?

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