Matador Motorway & Showroom

Purchase a pinewood derby car to race against other alumni and students on our giant Matador Motorway.  Proceeds benefit the MataCare Fund, which helps students who need short-term financial support. Cheer on your car as it races through championship heats, or place your vote in the showroom for the best looking cars!

Buy Cars Here!

 What is Pinewood Derby?

Pinewood Derby is a racing event with miniature cars made of wood. The cars will race on the custom 12-lane Matador Motorway through race heats designed by the appointed CSUN Race Commissioner. 

How to Participate

Step 1: Buy Your Car

Cars will be available for purchase during the Homecoming tickets/registration process, via the link above, or on-site at Homecoming to alumni and community for $20 and students for $15.  There is no limit to the number of cars a guest can purchase.

Step 2: Decide to Race or Show (or both!)

Following your car purchase, we'll send out an email that will ask if you'd like for the Race Commissioner to place you in a race heat, or to reserve a space for you in the Showroom.  At this time, we'll also ask you to let us know if you are racing individually or representing a CSUN affiliated organization (club, fraternity, athletics team, etc). You can change your selection on-site at Homecoming, as we'll also have a few walk-up race heats that any person can enter into. 

Step 2b: If you are racing, decide on custom or stock

In addition to heats for CSUN organizations, we'll also host stock and custom car heats.  Stock heats will include only cars with the original hardware (wheels, axles and body unmodified; car paint and decor are ok).  Custom car heats are for those wanting to add features like weights, wheels and aerodynamic body cuts. Both are accepted, just let us know. Car add-ons can be purchased from one of our Matador Motorway partners (http://www.pinewoodderbycars.com/) or from any Pinewood Derby enthusiast.

Step 3: Pick up early, or pick up on site

Cars will be available approximately two weeks prior to Homecoming, and when they arrive, we will email all those who purchased a car ahead of time.  If you want extra time to make your car unique, please email and make arrangements to pick your car up from the Office of Alumni Relations ahead of Homecoming.  There will also be an opportunity to decorate your car on-site, or pick up a car that's been pre-decorated by CSUN Students and Junior Matadors.  If you'd like to simply pick up a stock car on-site, stick a number on the side and jump into a race, that's OK too!

Step 4: Check in at the Matador Motorway at Homecoming

The Matador Motorway will take place in Matador Square opposite the USU, across Lindley Ave.  When you arrive at Homecoming, head to the Race Commissioner's table next to the Motorway to find out when your heat is scheduled, or check in for your Showroom spot.  Preliminary race heats will run until all cars have had a chance to participate, with 1st - 3rd qualifiers moving on to semi-final and final heats subsequently.  We'll award fun prizes for Race and Showroom winners.

Ready, Set, GO!