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Videos for New Biology Majors

Are you new to this campus or to the Biology Department? If so, please take some time to VIEW OUR ADVISEMENT VIDEOS. Each short film is presented by a member of the Biology faculty or staff. You’ll discover a wealth of information about the various options within the Biology major, unique opportunities available to Biology students, common academic pitfalls and ways to avoid them, and how to plan and track your progress toward graduation. We are certain that an awareness of these things will greatly enhance your probability of success as a Biology Major. All second-year Biology majors are required to attend a 75-minute workshop in which the topics covered in these videos—and several other topics—are discussed. These videos, then, offer much of the same information for freshmen and for transfer students. Watch them, enjoy them, and absorb what they have to offer. Then, if you still have questions, make an appointment to talk with an academic advisor.

Student Advisement Center for Biology Majors

The Biology Advisement Center offers information and guidance on a wide variety of subjects related to success in the Biology major.


Location: Chaparral Hall 5104; (818) 677-2675;

Appointment Hours for:
• Dr. Richardson (General Biology advising) 
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30-3:00 (by appointment) 
Tuesdays and Friday: 8:30-2:00 (Walk In: no appointment needed)
• Dr. Dole (General Biology advising)
Monday: 10:00-4:00 by appointment

Health Professions Advisement Center

• Dr. Richardson (Pre-Health advising)

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30-3:00 (by appointment) 
Tuesdays and Friday: 8:30-2:00 (Walk In: no appointment needed)

MORE on how to prepare for a health profession career such as: Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Optometry, Podiatry, Veterinary medicine, Graduate Nursing or Physician Assistant programs. 

Clinical Laboratory Science Advisement

Students interested in a career in clinical laboratory science should major in the Medical Technology track of the B.S. in Biology. The Medical Technology track prepares students for the clinical year of training and the California License exam in Clinical Laboratory Science or for training and certification in Public Health Microbiology. It is designed to meet the State academic requirements for Clinical Lab Science. Students who complete the course sequence for Medical Technology will be prepared to apply for the clinical year of training in Clinical Lab Science or to begin a career in industry or government. Students choosing this track should contact Dr. Sean Murray or Dr. Terri Richardson with questions. Please study the requirements for the Medical Technology track in the university catalog. Click here for Biology's entry and scroll down to section D

Biology Major Information

BA and BS degrees compared 

It is crucial that you start your Chemistry and Biology courses early on. Do NOT take all your General Education courses and then expect to march through the Biology Major in two years. The courses are in sequence, so it takes years to get through them. Anyway, you need some fun stuff to mix in with the hard stuff each semester.

Core courses and their prerequisites
B.A. (general biology)PDFpdf icon
B.S. Cell & MolecularPDFpdf icon
B.S. Ecology & EvolutionPDFpdf icon
B.S. MicrobiologyPDFpdf icon
B.S. Medical TechnologyPDFpdf icon
B.S. BiotechnologyPDFpdf icon
B.S. Marine BiologyPDFpdf icon

The Biology Honors program provides an opportunity for outstanding Biology majors to gain research experience with individual faculty guidance and may be of value for research-minded premedical students. The designation "Honors" will be added to the academic record of any student who completes the program. The university catalog at the bottom of the page on the B.A. lists the conditions for being in the Honors program. 

Earning a single-subject teaching credential in Biology

Marine Biology semester on Catalina Island 

Tropical Biology semester in South or Central America 

How-to Information

Change major or option

Remove a registration "hold"

File for graduation (You must do this when you've earned 90 units or are within one year of graduation.)


You're a transfer student—HERE is what you need to know.

Learn the consequences of probation and disqualification and how to deal with them.

Repeating a course? Learn relevant University policies and the consequences of doing so.

Rules on course withdrawals

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Involvement with research is great experience if you can fit it into your routine, and it looks good on a resume or application to grad or professional school. Many research labs all over the world provide summer internships, often with expenses paid. And of course CSUN faculty have on-going research year around for students who are on the ball. Check out our research specialties, and don't be afraid to visit and talk with professors about their research interests.

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