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New biology majors

Are you new to CSUN or to the Biology Department? If so, please take some time to learn about our baccalaureate degree options and the special opportunities available to our students. Your advisors will ask you to start your Mathematics and Chemistry courses early on, and to make steady progress with your General Education courses.  Learn more about the baccalaureate degrees

Core courses and their prerequisites
B.A. (general biology)PDFpdf icon
B.S. Cell & MolecularPDFpdf icon
B.S. Ecology & EvolutionPDFpdf icon
B.S. MicrobiologyPDFpdf icon
B.S. Medical TechnologyPDFpdf icon
B.S. BiotechnologyPDFpdf icon
B.S. Marine BiologyPDFpdf icon

The Biology Honors program provides an opportunity for outstanding Biology majors to gain research experience with individual faculty guidance. The designation "Honors" will be added to the academic record of any student who completes the program. Learn more about it! 

How to plan and track your academic progress



Student Advisement Center for Biology Majors

The Biology Advisement Center offers information and guidance on a wide variety of subjects related to success in the Biology major.

Make an appointment to talk with an advisor

Location: Chaparral Hall 5104; (818) 677-2675;


Appointment Hours for:
• Dr. Richardson (General Biology advising) 
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30-3:00 (by appointment) 
Tuesdays and Friday: 8:30-2:00 (Walk In: no appointment needed)
• Dr. Dole (General Biology advising)
Monday: 10:00-4:00 by appointment

Health Professions Advisement Center

• Dr. Richardson (Pre-Health advising)

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30-3:00 (by appointment) 
Tuesdays and Friday: 8:30-2:00 (Walk In: no appointment needed)

How to prepare for a health profession career such as: Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Optometry, Podiatry, Veterinary medicine, Graduate Nursing or Physician Assistant programs. 

Clinical Laboratory Science Advisement

Students interested in a career in clinical laboratory science should major in the Medical Technology track of the B.S. in Biology. The Medical Technology track prepares students for the clinical year of training and the California License exam in Clinical Laboratory Science or for training and certification in Public Health Microbiology. It is designed to meet the State academic requirements for Clinical Lab Science. Students who complete the course sequence for Medical Technology will be prepared to apply for the clinical year of training in Clinical Lab Science or to begin a career in industry or government. Students should contact Dr. Sean Murray or Dr. Terri Richardson and study the catalog requirements for the Medical Technology B.S. option.

Teaching Credential Advisement

Admission to a CSU credential program or University intern program requires demonstration of subject matter competence in biological science, and there are several ways of completing that requirement. The most common is passage of a set of state-administered California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET), with six testing dates per year ( Learn more about becoming a teacher

Biology Department Tutoring

The Department offers tutoring in Biology courses to students on the second floor of Chaparral Hall, CR5217, on a "drop in" basis.
Tutoring hours:
Mondays 8:00-1:00
Tuesday - Friday 8:00-5:00

The tutoring will be available through May 13, excluding holidays and spring recess. Tutors can also be contacted at or by telephone at 818-677-4406. The schedules of individual tutors and their expertise is posted.

Special opportunities for biology majors

Catalina Semester

This semester-long program provides an intensive undergraduate exposure to marine biology, and is designed for students with a serious commitment to environmental and marine science. The program is based at the Wrigley Marine Science Center (WMSC), situated on Santa Catalina Island, 26 miles from Los Angeles, CA. Read more about it! 

Tropical Biology Semester

The Tropical Biology Semester is a package of concurrent coursework totaling 16 units, appropriate for upper-division undergraduate or graduate credit. The purpose of the courses is to expose students to the biology of the Neotropics by visiting the major ecosystems/plant communities of Ecuador. Read more about it! 

CSUN-UCLA Bridges to Stem Cell Research Program

Our inter-institutional training program provides an opportunity for engaged, interested, and successful trainees, both Graduate and Undergraduate, to gain the necessary skills and qualifications to springboard into careers in stem cell research. This program is expected to contribute significantly to the number of students prepared for research careers in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine that span the spectrum, from basic studies to translational approaches. Read more about it!

Becoming involved in faculty research

Many CSUN faculty have on-going research programs year around, for students have a deep interest and have completed a sufficient amount of introductory coursework. Look at our faculty research specialties, and don't be afraid to visit and talk with professors about their research interests.

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Scholarships and Awards

There are more than 20 scholarships and awards available to Biology students. Learn more about them