Biology Advisement

Biology Department Advising Office


*** Schedule for Summer Session II: May 20th - July 5th  ***


WE HAVE TWO ADVISORS: Dr. Terri Richardson & Dani Amoroso

Both advisors hold appointments and Zoom ‘Drop-In’ advisement (no appointment needed).


ZOOM Drop-In Advising

Dr. Terri Richardson

  • By Appointment:
    • BIOL majors - Tuesday, Thursday & Friday; email terri.richardson(at) to request appointment link
    • Non-BIOL majors & Pre-Health Advising - Monday & Wednesday; email terri.richardson(at) to request appointment link
  • Zoom Drop-In Advising:
    • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 2pm-4pm
    • Fridays, 10am-12noon
      (Zoom days END July 2)

Click here to join the drop-in Zoom room (meeting ID: 844 570 0850).

Important: NO drop-in on 6/21, 7/4, 7/5.
Dr. Richardson is on vacation 7/15-8/11.


Dani Amoroso

  • By Appointment:
    • BIOL majors - Tuesday & Thursday; email Danielle.amoroso(at) to request appointment link

 Important: NO drop-in on 5/20, 5/27
 Dani is on vacation 6/24-7/5 and 8/12-8/16.


If you cannot attend Zoom Drop-In Advising hours above, another option is to call 818 677 4558 to get an appointment with College of Science and Math Advising Office.
There will be an updated schedule posted here in early July to provide advisor schedules for Summer Session 3.


Dr Richardson has been CSUN’s Health Professions Advisor since 2006 and has been one of the CSUN Biology Department Advisors since 2010. Her area of expertise is advising individuals from all majors who are preparing to enter Medical, Physician Assistant, Nursing, Dental, Pharmacy, Optometry, Veterinary, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, and other allied health schools/programs. She can provide advice regarding course selection and sequencing, choosing extracurricular experiences, and preparing for entrance exams, applications and interviews.

Dr Richardson graduated from CSUN (BA Biology ’98, MS Career Counseling ’09) and the University of California, Irvine College of Medicine (MD ’04).

Dani earned her BS in Environmental Science in 2012 and went on to earn her MS degree in Biology at CSUN. For her graduate work, she studied ecology and evollution doing research on evolutionary trends in California native Dudleya species. She can help Biology majors/minors plan their degree requirements, as well as discuss career opportunities and graduate degrees in the field.



Phone: (818) 677-7305

biologyadvising @




Student Advisement Center for Biology Majors

The Biology Advisement Center offers information and guidance on a wide variety of subjects related to success in the Biology major.
Talking to one of the Biology advisors can help you in a variety of ways. Advisors can help you to choose an emphasis within the Biology majors and design a plan to graduate.
They can also shed light on various career paths and post-bachelor’s programs.




Keep track of your Academic Progress

Your Degree Progress Report (DPR/audit) lists your completed and remaining graduation requirements. You can use the DPR/Planner to plan future classes and determine your graduation date.

You are required to see an advisor at certain points in your academic career. Be sure to check your CSUN student email address frequently for important correspondence from your Advisors and Department.



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Use the links below to access more information on specific Biology degree requirements

BA BiologyBS Cell and Molecular BiologyBS Ecology and EvolutionBS Microbiology
BS Marine BiologyBS BiotechnologyBS Medical Technology 



Preparing for a Professional Career

Check out our YouTube Channel for helpful videos on pre-health professions, including a new series of videos on Nursing! You’ll also hear words of wisdom from CSUN Professor’s in a variety of biology disciplines.

>> NEW << : Join the new “CSUN Pre Health” Canvas page! Here you will find informative handouts and videos about a wide variety of healthcare careers, including info about the test prep and application processes. In addition, announcements about CSUN pre health club meetings and other pre health events will be posted. Self-enroll in CSUN Pre Health Canvas page using this link.

The Advisement Office can provide you with detailed information about the pre-requisites to attend the following professional degree schools and programs. Follow the links below to see a brief summary of the pre-requisites for each of the listed professional schools and programs:





(Community College Schools)  

(CA Undergraduate Public) 
(CA Undergraduate Private) 
(Accelerated/Second BSN)

(Entry level MSN)





Students interested in a career in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) should major in the Medical Technology track of the B.S. in Biology. The Medical Technology track prepares students for the clinical year of training and the California License exam in Clinical Laboratory Science or for training and certification in Public Health Microbiology. It is designed to meet the State academic requirements for Clinical Lab Science. Students who complete the course sequence for Medical Technology will be prepared to apply for the clinical year of training in Clinical Lab Science or to begin a career in industry or government.

For more information on California Clinical Lab Science Training Programs, you may contact our CLS Advisor, Karen Koch by email (karen.koch (at) You may attend CLS Advisement hours in Spring 2024 (Jan 30th-May 2nd) on Tues & Thurs 1.00pm-1.50pm in Magnolia Hall MG4201, or by dropping-in via Zoom, using this link to chat during CLS Advising Zoom office hours. If unable to make it to my office hours they can email me at karen.koch (at) to set up an appointment.

In addition, please make sure to review the catalog requirements for the Medical Technology B.S. option.

Students interested in Teaching can begin by learning more about becoming a teacher.
Admission to a CSU credential program or University intern program requires demonstration of subject matter competence in biological sciences, and there are several ways of completing that requirement. The most common is passage of a set of state-administered California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET), with six testing dates per year (