• Split image of CSUN's women's and men's basketball team in action.

    Thursday Night Basketball Doubleheader

  • CSUN students and faculty at JPL.

    CSUN, NASA & JPL Make Math & Science Fun

  • Photo of Nate Thomas on a film set.

    Thomas Receives CSU's Top Faculty Honor

  • Vanessa Williams singing on the VPAC stage.

    Vanessa Williams Lights Up VPAC

  • Photo of CSUN's solar panels.

    Sustainability Workshops Tout Solar Energy

  • Cesar Chavez Teacher Prep student Wendy Lopez's painting "It's a Good Day."

    Annual Invitational Spotlights High School Art

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Photo of CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White.Chancellor White Delivers State of the CSU

The State of… those words have a very specific meaning in the American lexicon. Used in the right context, we know these words signify the predictions and ambitions of a president, governor or mayor for the future. But, the CSU is a university, not a government. And as an academic institution, we begin the pursuit of knowledge with questions. Continue reading Chancellor White's message.

Photo of Gilberto E. Flores.CSUN Professor’s Research Provides Insights into the Ecology of the Human Microbiome

It has been known for some time that each of us hosts distinct bacterial communities, with no two individuals hosting the same combinations of bacteria. A new study, led by California State University, Northridge microbial ecologist Gilberto E. Flores, now shows that the amount these communities change through time is also unique to each individual. Continue reading about Gilberto E. Flores.

Photo of 2014 commencement ceremony.CSUN Commencement Stays on Oviatt Lawn and to Include the Weekend

California State University, Northridge officials have announced that the university’s 2015 commencement will remain on the lawn in front of the Delmar T. Oviatt Library, and most of the ceremonies will take place on the weekend to accommodate the busy work schedules of the graduates’ families. Continue reading about the 2015 commencement.

Group photo of students visiting JPL.Grant Supports CSUN’s Effort to Make Math and Science Fun

What if engagement in mathematics and science could always be fun? Not just for the students, but also for teachers? What if learning math and science became exciting for everyone involved? Continue reading about the grant.


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