Political Science

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    Department of Political Science

  • President Harrison and CSUN DC Interns, 2013
  • A Conversation with Gov. Michael Dukakis and Gov. Linda Lingle

Pre Law Advisement

The process of applying to law school can be complex and, at times, bewildering.  This web site will hopefully offer you guidance and information necessary to make the process go as smoothly as possible.  This is the centralized resource for all of your questions as well as for news about relevant opportunities and organizations.

The site is organized around common questions that students raise about law school.

If you cannot find the answers you want here, you may request individualized advice from the Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. Leigh Bradberry, who is a full-time Political Science professor.  Her email is leigh.bradberry@csun.edu.  However, before contacting Dr. Bradberry, please explore the wealth of information available on lsac.org's website as many questions can be answered there.

Judicial Internship

The Judicial Internship is a program where CSUN students are placed with Superior Court judges for a semester. Interns have virtually complete access to what is happening in the courts including settlement conferences in chambers, motion hearings, jury selection, and trials. Applications can now be accessed here: Judicial Internship Application.

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Leigh Bradberry at leigh.bradberry@csun.edu