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The CSUN Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences is committed to providing students with the necessary knowledge, skills, perspectives and understandings associated with the drive to succeed in their personal and professional lives.


By studying Africana studies, you will gain a broad perspective of the African and African American experience. You will discuss social class, gender, race, culture and ethnicity. You will learn political, social, historical and cultural perspectives. You will develop critical thinking skills and practice research skills.

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As an anthropology major, you will study humans and their behaviors. You will learn about their origins, biology, cultural patterns, and environmental adaptations. You'll also hone skills such as:

  • Communication and writing
  • Observation
  • Experimental design
  • Interviewing
  • Statistical methods
  • Cross-cultural awareness

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As a Criminology and Justice Studies major, you will learn a combination of theory and research methods. You will learn about crime, victimization and the criminal justice system. You'll also study the fundamentals of law and ethical practice. Through your studies, you will be well-equipped to enter the criminal justice workforce and its related fields.

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As a Geography and Environmental Studies major, you'll learn to survey, analyze and map natural and man-made features. You'll also study how humans and the environment interact, and propose how we can live more healthy, sustainable lives.

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The History major will develop your skills in critical thinking, research and writing. You'll take a mix of broad survey classes and upper-level classes on more specific topics. You'll also take required seminars to gain historical research and critical analysis skills. Because of our breadth of classes, we encourage you to develop areas of interest to focus your degree. You can work with your advisor to create a plan that works for you.

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In the Political Science major, you'll learn about political systems and their values. You'll study the role of law and government and how they intersect with morality. You'll also receive training in critical thinking and writing, which applies to many careers.

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You will take general psychology courses to learn major concepts and theories. You will also take statistics and research methods courses to understand and conduct research.

You'll also be able to explore the different fields of psychology by fulfilling the major's breadth requirements. You will take one class in each of the following clusters:

  • Clinical/personality psychology
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Social psychology

You will also take electives to round out your degree requirements.

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As a Sociology major, you will study human behavior in groups, organizations and institutions. You will learn sociological theory and research skills that will help prepare you for your career.

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As an Urban Studies and Planning major, you will understand the needs of living in an urban environment. You will address complex problems from transportation to sustainability. You will learn to cooperate with community members to find solutions that improve the lives of all.

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Gain a broad perspective of the African and African American experience. In this flexible minor, you will work with your advisor to create a program that complements your major. Choose from a wide range of Africana studies courses to increase your knowledge.

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Because the minor in Asian studies is an interdisciplinary program, you will take classes from across CSUN's departments. Some of your courses will focus on a specific country or area in Asia, such as China, Korea, India and Japan. Others discuss religion, politics and arts from a comprehensive view.

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The minor in California Studies is an interdisciplinary program that includes courses from a variety of disciplines, including biology, ethnic studies, geography, geology, history, political science and urban studies. The minor is designed to enhance faculty and student interaction in an interdisciplinary setting and to assist both in exploring the connections among different perspectives on a major subject.

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Through your Human Sexuality minor classes, you will explore sexual theories past and present. You will examine the way gender, race and class shape sexuality in a variety of academic fields. You will select courses over three areas of human sexuality.

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In the Sustainability M.A., you'll gain the knowledge and skills to find solutions on a leadership level. In your core courses, you'll learn the fundamentals of sustainability. You'll study how to find environmental solutions within business spheres and government regulations. You will also choose a specialization track to focus your electives. Finally, you will complete a culminating experience.

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CSUN is home to California's largest MPA (Master in Public Administration) Program and is the nation's third-largest provider (behind only Harvard and Columbia universities). It ranks 1st nationally in the Top 17 MPA Programs by

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In the M.S.W. program, you'll learn from a combination of coursework and internship experiences. In your classes, you will learn about social work theory and human behavior. You will also learn how to advocate for and support individuals, families, organizations and urban communities. You will also spend time interning at social work agencies to gain valuable experience. Finally, you will complete a capstone project as a culmination of your degree.

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Our advisors are here to help you plan your courses and go over other academic requirements for your degree.

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