The Department of Sociology and faculty are committed to creating a supportive environment for student centered learning and achievement. Our students are exposed to all aspects of sociology and acquire sociological perspectives and the techniques for studying society. They learn to critically examine the value assumptions of our institutions and social practices, including the values and practices of our discipline itself. This reflexive stance is an essential element of sociological understanding. Our students will learn how sociology has been used to solve problems for clients, foundations, agencies, and the community, and has contributed to social policy formulation and policy analysis. They will learn how sociologists engage in dialog and engagement with different publics in the civil society. Through their education, our students will understand that sociology and civil society are interdependent, both flourishing in an open and democratic discourse on the issues and crises of modernity.


Department News

After 20 years at CSUN, Dr. David Lopez retired at the end of the Fall 2020 semester.   We asked Dr. Lopez a few questions as he reflects on his time at CSUN.  Thank you for your service Dr. Lopez, we wish you the best!
Dr. David Lopez

What are you going to miss about teaching at CSUN?
Working with such dedicated educators who truly have the best interest of our students at heart. These same educators have vibrant and fascinating research agendas and I always enjoyed learning of their work. I will miss learning from students as well, their realities and worldviews.

What are your best memories about your years at CSUN?
The times when you see in a student's eyes that they have grasped a concept, or theory, or research study. That was most rewarding.

What is your favorite subject to teach and why?
I really didn't have a favorite. 100 level classes are different than upper-division classes, in the former is the joy of exposing students to new knowledge, the latter more seasoned students are capable of more sophisticated analyses. Each has its own type of reward.

What are your plans for retirement?
Reading a book for pleasure and not feeling guilty that I should be reading a journal article! I also plan to dust off my telescope and spend more time with my hobby of being a "backyard astronomer." And of course, enjoy all aspects of living in Surf City. I find serenity just watching the waves roll in and the occasional dolphin. There's little greater thrill than watching one of these beautiful creatures ride a wave or jump out of the water just for fun.

As I leave, I know the University and in particular, the department is in good hands. My colleagues in the department work tirelessly in the interest of students and balance that with productive and compelling research agendas. I wish the Department, College, and the University all the best as they continue to impact and transform lives, all for the better.

My Highest Regards to All,




What Can I Do with a BA in Sociology?

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