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Family Programs

Greetings, Parents & Family Members -

We understand that your student's first year comes with plenty of questions. Our office provides Parent & Family Programs to support your family during this transition. Explore the options below to learn more information about offered programs. 

Parent & Family Program Goals

Parent & Family Programs are designed:

  • To help you become a partner in your student's success by learning key information about the academic opportunities, support services, and experiences outside of the classroom that are available to students. 

  • To offer an opportunity to ask questions based on real experiences your students are already having, including the many transitional issues that challenge both students and families. 

  • To provide you with the opportunity to meet college administrators, faculty, staff, and orientation leaders who support and educate new students as they begin the journey toward graduation.

  • To learn information about resources and services available to CSUN students.

Dual-Program Orientation & Dates

Dual-Program Orientation

This year our office will be offering several "Dual-Program Orientation" dates. This option allows for up to 1 Parent or Family Member to attend orientation also. Two orientation programs will occur simultaneously; one traditional NSO program for your student, and another designed specifically to meet the needs of parents/families. Please note: Student must self-register for a Dual-Program NSO date. If you would like to attend a Dual-Program NSO, please consult with your student.


Dual-Program Orientation dates for Fall 2023 have concluded. For information on potential future Dual-Program Orientation programming, please email our department at orientation@csun.edu.

Dual-Program Orientation Schedule Example

Schedule example for a Dual-Program Orientation day

Agenda Overview:

  • 8:00 AM- Check-in, light Breakfast, and Group Meeting
  • 9:00 AM- Campus Tours and Tradition of the Rose
  • 10:35 AM- University Welcome
  • 11:00 AM- Supporting Your Student's Success in College
  • 11:40 AM- Student Engagement & Well-Being 
  • 12:00 PM- Resources & Services Fair/ Lunch
  • 2:00 PM- Creating a Safe and Supportive Campus Environment: Student Expectations, Campus Safety, Rules, & Regulations
  • 3:00 PM- Financial Services
  • 4:40 PM- Health and Wellness
For more details of what each presentation is about, please look under the following tab "Dual-Program Orientation Session Overviews."

Dual-Program Orientation Session Overviews

The following session overviews are examples of topics covered during a Dual-Program Orientation day; these session overviews are listed in alphabetical order.

Session Overviews (A-Z)

Session NameSession Description
Campus TourCampus Tours will introduce parents to key service areas of the campus, promoting resources designed to support academic, social, and cultural needs to enable success. During the tour, parents and families will also be introduced to the Tradition of the Rose, a symbolic CSUN tradition – Individuals place roses at the foot of the Matador Stature to celebrate major accomplishments and milestones such as birthdays, engagements, successful semesters, and graduations. 
Check-In & Group MeetingIn these group meetings students and parents/families will be provided with campus facts and information, lead to key locations students should be familiar with on campus, and informed of services/classes offered in the buildings pointed out. There will also be opportunities for students and group members to share informal information about college life and discuss any concerns that students may have. Orientation leaders will be prepared to answer any questions that students and/or parents/families may have or provide guidance as to where a student can be better assisted. This group will allow students to develop an initial network of support at CSUN through interaction on the day of Orientation, during Welcome All Matadors Week and the Presidents Celebration, and will follow-up with contacts on emails and informal gatherings from orientation leaders/mentors.
Creating a Safe and Supportive Campus EnvironmentThis presentation will discuss the university classroom, including differences between high school and college, appropriate classroom conduct, meeting faculty expectations, ethical issues (i.e. cheating, plagiarism including using the Web and internet resources for cheating), the student conduct code, and campus community standards. Also discussed will be campus, local, state, and federal laws as they relate to student safety and well-being, including sections on Title IX, sexual assault, Violence Against Women Act, student records, and FERPA rights, and credit card information. The Department of Police Services will also speak on campus wide safety implements on a range of topics and situations. 
Financial Aid & ScholarshipsFocusing on financial assistance and scholarships as a means to cover the cost of attending CSUN. Information presented will cover types of financial aid available, eligibility requirements, application information, deadlines, and scholarship opportunities.
Health and WellnessThis session will inform parents about how the campus supports student physical and mental (therapy and emotional support) health.  Presenters will focus on the importance of health during a student's academic journey and how to utilize/access the many resources and services. This will include current CSU policies in place (i.e. vaccine requirements, etc.)  Also, this presentation will cover challenges and struggles students and parents face and how to collectively assist them and provide effective ways for the important transition young adults navigate during this developmental time in their lives. 
Resources & Services Fair / LunchDepartments/Service areas will directly interface with attendees during a Resource/Services Fair. Lunch will also be provided. 
Student Engagement & Well-BeingFocusing on the importance of student life and building a sense of belonging within the campus community, parents will be introduced to campus resources and services dedicated to student engagement and well-being during a student’s academic journey. Co-curricular programs and services discussed will include student leadership, volunteering, service-learning, and other opportunities for campus engagement.  
Supporting Your Student's Success in CollegeFocusing on academic based information central to a freshman's success, Parents will be introduced to the role they can play in supporting and reinforcing students academically, and include information about units required, declaring a major/minor, important dates to remember (midterms, finals), advisement and registration, repeating courses, and other academic policies.  This session will also focus on parents encouraging a “Growth Mindset”, and through CSUN’s supportive resources (staff, tools, programs, etc.) students can embrace challenges and persist in the face of obstacles which will be opportunities to learn and grow.
University Welcome The University Welcome conveys the purpose of higher education and the mission of Cal State Northridge. 

For more information on student sessions during a Dual-Program Orientation, please visit https://www.csun.edu/nso/first-time-freshmen-orientation.

Event Location & Parking Location

Event Location: University Student Union (USU)

USU Map Image 

Event Location:

Dual-Program Orientations will begin at the University Student Union which is located on the east side of the University. Please join us for a small breakfast consisting of coffee, orange juice and freshly baked pastries.

The program will officially start at 8:30 AM, starting with a Campus Tour with your student and other participants. 

Parent & Family Day Parking:

As we get closer to the event date, a parking permit will be sent to those who have registered for the event by email. Please print the parking permit prior to arriving on campus; additional parking permits will be provided at the orientation check-in area. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How many guests can attend a Dual-Program Orientation? 
    • Each student can bring up to 1 registered guest as this event does have a guest limit. 
    • Small children (under 5 years of age) will not count toward the overall guest attendance.
  • How do you register for a Dual-Program Orientation?
    • Only students have access to the NSO Registration system.
    • During registration, students can choose a Dual-Program Orientation option.
    • When registering for a Dual-Program Orientation, students provide information for 1 guest, including the guest's email address. Registered guest information serves as official confirmation; unregistered guests are unable to attend due to capacity limitations.
  • How will you receive communication about the Dual-Program Orientation? 
    • All initial communication will be sent to the student's CSUN email. 
    • Please connect with your student for registration confirmation and additional information. 
    • A confirmation email with a parking pass and campus map will be sent to you and your student 2 days before the event.
  • Will you be with your student for the duration of the Dual-Program Orientation?
    • During the Dual-Program Orientation, you'll be with your student for some parts, but most of the event is separate for guests and students, focusing on relevant information for each group.
  • Must my student attend the entire student portion of Orientation?
    • Yes, Orientation is required for all incoming Freshmen students. Orientation concludes at 6 pm when students are dismissed.
    • Guests can leave the event at any time.
  • How much does this event cost? 
    • Parent/family attendance costs for Dual-Program Orientations is covered in the required orientation fee automatically assessed to your student; parents/family will not need to pay additional attendance costs for participation in a Dual-Program Orientation.
  • Where can you stay?
  • What materials should you bring?
    • Our office will provide a handbook with a notes section, but feel free to bring additional materials to write on such as a notebook
    • Please bring a writing utensil (pen, pencil, etc.)
    • Feel free to bring a your own water bottles/canisters as there will be water stations located throughout the campus.
    • There will be a Campus Tour and the tour will be completely Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible.
  • What are off-campus activities you can do before or after Parent & Family Day?
  • Need additional accommodations?
    • Connect with our staff by calling (818) 677-3968 or emailing .

Campus Resources

We have compiled multiple links for you to gain further knowledge of the resources CSUN has for you and your student. Feel free to contact any departments directly or our office, the Office of Student Development and Transitional Programs with any questions, concerns or comments.

Academic Advisement

Campus Employment

Campus Involvement

Counseling Services

Degree Planning Guides

Department of Police Services

General Education Honors Program

Parents Supporting Academics and Personal Development

Student Health

Student Health - Consent Treatment for Minors (form)

Student Services and Classes

Student Service Centers and Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) Advisement

University Catalog

Day-of-Program Materials & Forms

Information that was presented and/or distributed will be placed below:

  • DUAL NSO Program Presentation Slides (Fall 2023) CLICK HERE

Forms/Tutorials of interest mentioned during presentations include the following:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Development and Transitional Programs at(818) 677-4100 or email us at orientation@csun.edu
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