Transfer Students

Hello new matador! We are currently in the process of finalizing your 2021 New Student Orientation experience. Please, refer back to this website in April to get all the details. To see the NSO Live! schedule please select "NSO Live! Dates" tab.

The New Student Orientation (NSO) experience for all new Transfer Students will occur over the summer leading up till the Fall semester. All new students will partake in the following:

NSO Online (required) - Done at your own pace, the NSO Online platform is a series of educational modules that cover a range of topics all students should know prior to attending CSUN.

NSO Live! (Optional) - Through Zoom, students will be placed into small groups and assigned NSO Leaders who will bring you though a 4 hour program. The topics covered include Student Involvement & Belonging and Academic Success among other things.  This is a more personalized experience and serve to help answer any questions still lingering prior to the start of the semester.

NSO Resources and Services Fair - Offered at the end of July, Resources and Service departments throughout the campus will be ready to engage with students and answer questions. 

Registration will begin around mid/late June. All new students will receive emails and postcards signaling they can begin the NSO registration process.  

We are still refining the specifics of this year's programming; however, the drop tabs below will continue to be updated with the latest information.  

NSO Online

The NSO Online platform is the first step in the NSO process and it offers a set of comprehensive modules that address university programs, services, and resources available to you in a virtual and eventual on-campus capacity. Complete this online program at your own pace. 

Resources and Services Fair Week

DateArea of CampusTime
Monday, July 26th 2021University Auxiliaries (Associated Students, University Student Union, The University Corporation)10 am - 12 pm or 4 pm - 6 pm
Tuesday, July 27th 2021Academic and Financial Resources10 am - 12 pm or 4 pm - 6 pm
Wednesday, July 28th 2021Cultural and Identity Based Resources10 am - 12 pm or 4 pm - 6 pm
Thursday, July 29th 2021Student Support & Involvement Resources10 am - 12 pm or 4 pm - 6 pm

NSO Live! Dates

Dates for Transfer studentsTimes
Thursday, August 510am - 12pm & 4pm - 6pm
Saturday, August 710am - 12pm & 4pm - 6pm
Friday, August 2010am - 12pm & 4pm - 6pm

NSO Live! Tentative Agenda

Morning Session

9:45 amSoft Check-In for Students
10:00 amNSO Live! Begins/ General Welcome
10:05 amPersonal Welcome & Meeting Others
10:15 amStudent Involvement and Belonging
10:45 amAcademic Success
11:15 amInformation Technology
12:00 pmNSO Live! Concludes

Evening Session

5:45 pmSoft Check-In for Students
6:00 pmNSO Live! Begins/ General Welcome
6:05 pmPersonal Welcome & Meeting Others
6:15 pmStudent Involvement and Belonging
6:45 pmAcademic Success
7:15 pmInformation Technology
8:00 pmNSO Live! Concludes


NSO Live! Essentials

  1. Be prepared
    1. Arrive on time
    2. Bring a Pen & Paper for notes
    3. Show your CSUN Pride by wearing your CSUN gear!
  2. Be aware of your audio and video settings
    1. Make sure you have internet access
    2. Become familiar with your laptop and its settings in case of a technical issue
    3. Make sure your sound and camera is operable
    4. Be aware that when you log onto zoom, attendees will be able to see and hear you 
  3. Tips for the best look!
    1. Good lighting (The light should be in front and facing you!)
    2. Correct angle to show your whole face
    3. Have a clean and clear virtual background
  4. Try your best to eliminate any distractions
    1. Notify others in your home that you will be on zoom for a specified amount of time
    2. Have a clean space prepared
    3. Don’t have any inappropriate images or obscure room decor visible
  5. Show us who you are by listing your pronouns (Optional)
    1. Pronouns: How you choose to identify yourself or how you wish to be addressed as an individual   
    2. Why do we do this?
      1. We want to be as inclusive and respectful as possible. As people transition into their college years as their most authentic selves it is important that we not only respect each others differences but address each other as we wish to be represented. To clarify this section is optional and NOT mandatory.
      2. Example: Ciana (She / Her / Hers) or Raven (He/Him/His) or Charlie (They/Them/Theirs)
  6. Private Messages are NOT private
    1. The host can see private messages
    2. Be mindful of who you’re speaking with and what you’re saying

Components & Learning Outcomes

Hello new matador! We are currently in the process of finalizing your 2021 New Student Orientation experience. Please, refer back to this website in April to get all the details.


Click here to review the 'First-Time Transfer Student Checklist'

University Policy on Alcohol and Illicit Drugs
Procedures of Student Conduct (including Academic Dishonesty, Conduct Code, University Policy on Alcohol and Illicit Drugs)

Title IX Notice of Nondiscrimination & Title IX Gender Equity & Sexual Misconduct
Active Shooter Video & Emergency Desk Reference for Students
Student Records Administration - including Family Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)



Extended Programs beyond NSO

There are various entities on campus that provide additional programming for interested students which typically occur after NSO. We will continually update this website with information should other programs be offered.  

Student PopulationHosted ByDate:More information
Veteran StudentsUSU Veterans Resource CenterTBDwww.csun.edu/vrc/events
LGBTQ+USU Pride CenterTBDwww.csun.edu/pride/events
DACA/Dream ActEOP Dream CenterTBDhttps://www.csun.edu/dreamcenter


Please visit our FAQs page to better prepare you for your orientation experience.

Disclaimer: The New Student Orientation website contains information authorized and available at the time of publication. Its content, including dates and fee amounts, is subject to change without prior notice or obligation.