• new student orientation

    Welcome To CSUN

Student Coordinators

Name: Melanie Besnilian

Major:English JYI

Class Standing: Junior

Input | Strategic | Communication | Woo | Activator

 My role mostly surrounds working with our Orientation Leaders and Matador Mentors, and all things surrounding Personnel. This office has taught me so much about discovering my leadership voice and skills, as well as introduced me to some incredible people on campus. New Student Orientation is a huge blessing to this wonderful campus and I hope whoever is reading this is either already involved or is excited to be!

Name:  Sabrina Maglalang 

Major: Communication Disorders and Sciences 

Class Standing: Senior

Positivity | Individualization | Strategic | Achiever | Woo

 I made it my personal mission to make the most of my college experience as well as make a positive impact and difference in one’s life other than my own.  From being an Orientation Leader, to a TAKE 29 Cast Member, to a Peer Mentor, and now a Student Coordinator who oversees Leadership (specifically our Orientation Leaders and Matador Mentors), I was able to grow as an individual,  and help those around me strive and succeed. New Student Orientation quickly helped make CSUN feel like my home away from home, a feeling that I hope every new student who steps foot onto this campus and this program is able to experience.

Name: Elizabeth Herrera

Major: Business Law 

Class standing: Senior 

 Focus| Relator|Responsibility|Strategic| Maximizer 

I am currently a senior studying Business law. I am very passionate about the process that students must go through in order to obtain success, this is why I work so hard as the Commencement coordinator. I genuinely believe that the incoming students are the seeds that we're planting into CSUN and the work that we're doing is the nourishment that will help them grow into beautiful trees. I cannot wait to see you cross the Oviatt stage!

Name: Giselle Reyes

B.A. Speech Pathology 

Major: Education Leadership & Policy Studies 

Class Standing: Graduate

Restorative | Context | Harmony | Individualization | Adaptability

I try to implement my most favorite strength of harmony in everything I do. In my role I try to set and example of leadership through my constant willingness to help others. Student success is important to me because I dream of a world where everyone can achieve their best . I believe in the support student programs provide because they have helped me so much. This is why I encourage you to get involved!