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Student Coordinators

Name: Sabrina Aguilar

Major: Family Consumer Sciences-Food Science

Class Standing: Senior 

Adaptability | Developer | Responsibility | Restorative | Achiever

My name is Sabrina Aguilar and I currently am in my senior year at CSUN majoring in Family Consumer Sciences with the option of Food Science and Minoring in Biology. I would say from the beginning, I have always striven to be the difference, to never be satisfied with meeting the bar but rather exceeding it. This campus, and program, has continuously showed me my strengths and my faults. Being able to have the opportunity to learn more not only about myself, but also of my community is a constant reminder that there is always room for growth. I want to constantly renew myself by focusing on the real me; someone who is confident and content with the who I am. With my ability to critically think and lead others, I hope to be able to inspire others to see their potential and allow them to believe in something bigger than themselves.

Name: Shannon Ashford

Major: Communication Studies

Class Standing: Senior

Includer | Connectedness | Restorative | Communication | Adaptability

Thinking back to my senior year in high school, I would have never thought that this university would have given me the numerous of opportunities I have received in my time here. Jumping four years later as I enter my senior year here, I can’t even put into words how much growth I’ve gained from this program as well as the other organizations I am blessed to be involved in. Starting off as an Orientation Leader to becoming a TAKE XXVII Cast Member and that leading to me being hired as a Coordinator, I grew a passion for student affair. Being a Communication Studies major, I’ve learned the logistics of what it’s like to have a career in an environment as such; and my involvement in the Greek Community and USU Board of Directors, I’ve learned to always show the world what you’re made of. Lastly, there are many things that this program has taught me, but my favorite of them all is to make every moment count.

Name: Frankie Benkovic

Major: Communication Studies

Class Standing: Senior 

Restorative | Individualization | Responsibility | Connectedness | Arranger

I am currently a senior studying Communication Studies with a minor in Broadcast Journalism in the college of Arts, Media, and Communication. My career goal is to one day become a director at a university and start a non-profit organization focused on guiding LGBTQ students through their college career. I am very passionate about education and the process that students must go through in order to obtain it. I’ve always wanted to be apart of the foundation that creates opportunities for incoming students to succeed here at CSUN ,which is why I applied to be a Student Coordinator for the Office of Student Involvement and Development. I genuinely believe that the incoming students are the seeds that we're planting into CSUN and the work that we're doing is the nourishment that will help them grow into beautiful trees.

Name: Anthony Lopez

Major: Psychology

Class Standing: Senior

Communicator | Strategic | Woo | Activator | Restorative

I am currently a junior studying Psychology here at CSUN. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I consider myself lucky to be able to pursue my education while staying close to my roots. In my time at CSUN, I have been exposed to an incredibly diverse student body that has inspired me to become involved on campus. Joining the NSO program has been one of the most rewarding opportunities I have undertaken while in college. In fact, my original orientation leaders were the people who inspired me to join NSO.  I am incredibly grateful for what the program has provided, exposing me to committed and driven students that help make NSO a fantastic family. I am very excited to be working with the Office of Student Involvement and Development to expand my involvement within the program as well as furthering the development of my personal and professional skills.