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TAKE Program and Cast

If you are interested in applying for TAKE 34 Cast, please fill out the TAKE Cast Application. Applications will be due Monday, January 17, 2022 by 11:59 PM PST

Now in its 34th year of production, TAKE could potentially be a fully in-person, hybrid or fully online performance that may include skits, spoken word, and/or visual imagery surrounding issues prevalent to CSUN students. 10 to 12 diverse students will showcase their performance at New Student Orientation (NSO) to discuss topics such as, but are not limited to, relationships, physical/mental health, prejudice, and overall student transitions. 

In supporting the overall missions and goals set forth by our institution, our division, our department and the NSO program, the TAKE performance promotes university resources and services through real-life situations and scenarios as experienced by our cast members

Annually assessed by our own campus, the nationally recognized TAKE program is an innovative and well-positioned platform where new students learn about supportive structures at CSUN to help ensure their success in college.

 LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0asYCx6pu5o

TAKE 34 Information Packet

The office of Student Development & Transitional Programs exists to develop and support students in becoming engaged members and successful graduates of the CSUN community.

In support of the overall New Student Orientation (NSO) process, TAKE cast members will explore, create, and showcase a performance relating to prevalent issues college students may face today. Under the direction of the TAKE Director and Activities Coordinator, cast members will be immersed in an educational leadership program that will develop them into peer educators over several months. Please click on this Position Description: TAKE 34 Information Packet copy PDF to review the full position description.