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Freshman FAQs

What is New Student Orientation?

New Student Orientation is a full-day event the university sets aside to prepare all its new students for the academic, cultural and social climate of California State University, Northridge. Throughout the orientation day, new students will be advised on appropriate steps to take in order to achieve academic success in and out of the classroom. Students will also get a chance to meet their peers, both fellow new students and continuing CSUN students, who will offer help and suggestions to assist with a smooth transition into CSUN.

How do I register?

Registration for students entering in Summer/Fall 2018 will occur the first week of July, and can be accessed through the main NSO website (www.csun.edu/nso).  

How long does New Student Orientation last?

Check-in begins at 7:30 a.m., and the entire program will be finished by 6:30 p.m. Each component of the program is essential and will help you become acquainted with the CSUN campus. For more information on the components, please visit the Freshmen page and select Component and Learning Outcomes.

Is it mandatory to attend New Student Orientation?

Yes, this is a university program that all first-time freshman are required to attend.

Do I have to pay the New Student Orientation Fee?

A $75 orientation fee is charged to every first-time freshman during their first semester. This fee is automated and will not be refunded for students who do not participate. To view your account, go to your Student Center (SOLAR), select Finances and find Account Information.

Will financial aid cover my $75 fee?

No, under federal regulations, the $75 orientation fee cannot be paid by your financial aid. A separate charge of $75 will appear on your account. To view your account, go to your Student Center (SOLAR), select Finances and find Account Information.

Will lunch be provided at New Student Orientation?

Yes, lunch will be provided at New Student Orientation.

How do I know what college I am in?

There are eight academic colleges within California State University, Northridge. View the list of all colleges and all majors within each college, or look to an academic advisor for clarification. If you have not declared a major, there are specific days set aside for students who are Undeclared or Undecided to attend orientation.

If I am an Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) student, do I still attend New Student Orientation?

Yes, EOP students entering CSUN are required to attend New Student Orientation as this is an essential university program.

Does it matter what day I attend New Student Orientation?

Yes, each day of orientation is designed for a specific college of the university. A professional staff member will advise students on their first year experience as it relates to their specific department. Another advantage of attending orientation is that students will meet other students with the same major with whom they are likely to have in classes.

I need to change my assigned date, how may I do so?

Please email newstudentorientation@csun.edu with the following information: name, CSUN student ID number, assigned orientation date, desired orientation date and the reasoning for the change.

If I cannot attend my assigned date, what New Student Orientation date should I attend?

If you are unable to attend your assigned date, we strongly encourage reviewing the orientation dates and attending on an "Exploratory Majors" day as the information is more general and not college/major specific. 

Where do I park during New Student Orientation?

If you will be driving to campus, we have made arrangements for you to park in Student Lot G3 which is located off Zelzah Ave. & Prairie St. Parking permits will be distributed at the parking kiosk/Information Booth once you turn onto campus from the Prairie St. entrance. Orientation leaders will be available at the Parking Lot that morning, for assistance should it be needed.

If you misplaced your parking pass, an orientation leader will be available in the G3 parking lot to provide you with a new one.

What should I bring to New Student Orientation?

  • Class Schedule: Orientation leaders will be able to point out the location of your classes.
  • Good and Positive Attitude: To make the most out of your orientation experience, have a positive mindset.
  • Courtesy Parking Pass: You will need to display this in your vehicle when parking in Lot G3.

Remember, New Student Orientation is a full-day program. It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Keep in mind the warm Northridge climate when choosing your wardrobe.

Can family and friends attend New Student Orientation with me?

No, New Student Orientation is designed to be one of the first opportunities that a new student has in understanding what the independent college experience is like. Therefore, family and friends are not permitted to attend. The day is designed specifically to assist students in learning about the responsibilities and challenges they may expect as a new student attending CSUN. Orientation provides information on what students can do and possible resources to seek when assistance is needed. Students will also benefit by having an opportunity to connect with other students who can relate to similar issues or feelings that are typical of new students transitioning into college.

What can family and friends do while I am at New Student Orientation?

There are several options for family and friends to explore the Northridge area while you are attending orientation. Northridge has malls, movie theatres, bowling alleys, miniature golf-park and bookstores that your family and friends may enjoy. A more detailed list with directions will be available for distribution on the days of orientation.

Will I get academic advisement or be able to register for my classes during my New Student Orientation day?

No, academic advisement and university registration are separate events and will not occur at orientation. For more information please contact your advisor. View the listing of department academic advisors. You may refer to the University Catalog for a list of colleges and departments.

Where can I obtain my 10-digit CSUN student ID number and email?

When you are admitted to CSUN, your CSUN student ID is issued by the Admissions and Records department. You may also sign up for your CSUN email address at your earliest convenience. If you need additional assistance please contact the Office of Student Involvement and Development at (818) 677-4100.

What is the English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM)?

The EPT and ELM are placement tests that most incoming students take in order for the university to place them at the appropriate English and math level. To find more information on testing, please call (818) 677-2369 or visit the Testing Center website.

Who should I contact if I need information about disability-related accommodations for New Student Orientation events?

Information about accommodations for students with disabilities can be obtained by contacting the Disability Resources and Educational Services office at (818) 677-2684. Further questions or concerns may be answered by contacting the Office of Student Involvement and Development at (818) 677-4100.

How do I change my personal information if it is incorrect?

If your personal information is incorrect, you must correct it through Admissions and Records. For a name change, fill out the Name Change Form and return it to Admissions and Records in Bayramian Hall.

You may change your address or phone number by logging on to myNorthridge Portal. Click on Student Center (SOLAR), scroll to the bottom and click either the address or phone number link, whichever you wish to change.

For additional matters, please visit Admissions and Records in Bayramian Hall or contact them at (818) 677-3700.

What if I will be fasting during the New Student Orientation day?

For students who will be observing Ramadan and fasting during the orientation day, a boxed lunch can be set aside to be picked up at the conclusion of the orientation day. Arrangements can be made with a New Student Orientation coordinator during the orientation day. Should you have any questions, please call the Office of Student Involvement and Development at (818) 677-4100 and speak with a New Student Orientation coordinator.


If you have any further questions, please contact the New Student Orientation staff at (818) 677-4100 or via email at orientation@csun.edu. You may also review the FAQs page for any questions you may have.

Disclaimer: The New Student Orientation website contains information authorized and available at the time of publication. Its content, including dates and fee amounts, is subject to change without prior notice or obligation.