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New Faculty Publication: CONCRETE AND DUST

February 7, 2013

CONCRETE AND DUST coverConcrete and Dust: Mapping the Sexual Terrains of Los Angeles
by Dr. Jeanine Mingé and Dr. Amber Lynn Zimmerman is a collage of visual image, arts-based ethnographic and autoethnographic narratives, experimental sound, poetry, and performative writing in juxtaposition with the conflicting and complex performative nature of Hollywood, celebrity, glamour, and sexual agency. This work is a model of the ways in which traditional ethnographic research methods can collage and collide with visual, aural, and aesthetically driven texts to create a holistic and embodied arts-based ethnographic text. Concrete and Dust is part of an experimental series by Routledge Publishing edited by
Dr. Phillip Vannini of Royal Roads University, Canada. Dr. Vannini created the series to showcase innovative ethnography which highlights experimentation, reflection, revelation and action with the focus on new media and new genres. Concrete and Dust is set for a December 2012 publication date. The book launch is set for January 2013.

Dr. Jeanine Mingé is an Assistant Professor at California State University, Northridge where she is also the Director of the Performance Ensemble. As a member of the theater scene in Los Angeles, she works closely with directors, actors, and producers on the outskirts of the entertainment industry. Dr. Amber Lynn Zimmerman is a critical-cultural communication scholar with specific interest in performance methodology and queer feminism. She is an Assistant Professor in the Drama and Speech Communication program at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.