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Centers and Institutes

Entertainment Industry Institute logoEntertainment Industry Institute

Director: Prof. Thelma Vickroy, Department of Cinema and Television Arts. Description: Will (1) promote, coordinate and support campus programs involving the entertainment industry; (2) support development of innovative and interdisciplinary curriculum and degree programs by bringing together expertise and perspectives from interested departments and colleges; (3) help students realize their educational goals in preparation for careers in the entertainment industry; (4) solicit, assign, and manage internship opportunities; (5) establish the college as a center of research and creative activity related to the entertainment industry; (6) promote closer ties between the college and industry by creating and maintaining substantive partnerships, and by helping the industry learn about the college; (7) assist the college in development efforts; and (8) advance the artistic, cultural and economic life of the surrounding communities. Contact Information:

IntersectLA logoIntersectLA

Director: Prof. Joe Bautista, Department of Art. Description: IntersectLA, previously known as Radius 2.0 and VISCOM, is a student-operated and faculty managed full-service brand + creative strategy agency. IntersectLA was specifically developed for students from diverse disciplines to collaborate and fully understand the creative side of business while building their skills. Internships and apprenticeships allow students to jump-start their careers by connecting them with high-profile industry leaders. We capitalize on our Southern California location, which is home to the entertainment and high-tech industries. To learn more, visit their website at