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CSUN Theatre Supporter, we need your help! Each semester, more than 100 students come together – working with faculty, staff, and professional guest artists – to create the theatrical works on our stages, like William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Legally Blonde: The Musical, or A Streetcar Named Desire.    

It costs us about $100,000 to bring these productions to our stages, and while we receive support from the university for our shows, revenue from ticket sales make up more than 50% of our budget.

If you can, please consider donating whatever you might normally spend on tickets this semester by visiting this giving portal. Your support today means that we can continue to bring you the new theatrical works you love and enjoy. Whatever you can do, it is greatly appreciated!  

On behalf of all of us at Theatre CSUN, thank you for your support! 

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A statement from the CSUN Theatre Department on the unjust murder of George Floyd, racism and their pledge to feature more Theatre creators and artists of color 

The CSUN Theatre Department joins the university campus and wider communities of the world in grief and outrage at the violence and needless murder of George Floyd.  We carry the pain of witnessing this violence repeated too often and the loss of so many others: Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Ezell Ford, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Atatiana Jefferson, Delrawn Small, Dominique Clayton, Jamar Clark, Tony McDade, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, – who also cried out for breath………and many more wrongfully snuffed out. 

These people were unjustly killed by police and by the mechanisms of undeniable racism at all levels of our society.  From the overt aggressions of white supremacy to the seemingly invisible oppressions of institutional racism – including those within the arts - we must confront the inaction of those with power and privilege, to end racist practices at home, work and in our communities and schools, and to advocate for those that need protection and support.  

We in the Theatre Department recognize that substantive change does not come from issuing statements alone but from continually engaged reflection and action, and so we pledge first of all to LISTEN and then to ACT to ensure an environment that will not tolerate bigotry, oppression or unequal treatment.  We are committed to a process through which we examine how our program is constructed and maintained in ways that support or hinder access. We will ensure that our productions, curriculum, guest speakers and faculty feature Black creators and artists of color from all areas of Theatre. 

As artists and teachers we steadfastly seek to support and empower the creative expression of our Black students and colleagues as well as our students and colleagues of other ethnic and racial backgrounds. We continue to offer performance and production opportunities that provide an experience that will promote individual empowerment and expressions of self-worth and value.  We are committed to opposing hate and injustice, to supporting our students of color and to creating art with all of our students that fosters transformation and, through our creative process proclaims,


We invite the university to support us and our campus peers to join us as witnesses or participants in our work to inspire transformation.

BackStage Magazine ranked the CSUN Theatre Department as one of the top nine university programs in the nation that were "the most effective and offer a unique approach to the college-professional connection," noting the department is "ideally situated for finding internships in the Industry." 

The Department of Theatre is located in Nordhoff Hall on the southwest corner of the California State University, Northridge campus in suburban Los Angeles. 

The Department has 8 full time faculty, 15 part-time faculty, and 10 professional staff who serve over 250 undergraduate and graduate theatre majors.

The Department houses three theater spaces - the Campus Theatre, Little Theatre, and Experimental Theatre, and mounts eight productions during academic year. In the summer, the Department holds the Teenage Drama Workshop, a theatre training program for rising 7th -12th grade students.



Congratulations to the following students for their achievements at the 2021 KCATCF Region 8 Competition

Karo Dzhgalian
Acting Semi-Finalist

Kelli Tays
National Stage Management Fellowship Semi-Finalist & Ghost Light Award

Jonathan Thompson
Acting Semi-Finalist & CSU Summer Arts Scholarship Recipient

Kevin van der Veen
National Stage Management Fellowship Semi-Finalist

Megan Milo
Acting Semi-Finalist 


Darian Calderon
Outstanding Actor Award



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