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Teenage Drama Workshop


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TADW is back and ready for a great summer! 

TADW is excited to announce our Summer 2021 programming. Although it’s different from the past, we are creating a program that will help students learn new skills and participate in the joy of creating theater.

The summer we will be offering two three-week sessions that culminate with a virtual production in the great tradition of TADW. Classes will take place in the morning with students focusing on developing skills while the afternoons will be spent rehearsing, costuming, and filming their participation in our virtual production. 


Session 1         June 14-July 2, 2021     Virtual Production: Disney Daydreams 

Session 2         July 12-30, 2021            Virtual Production: The Nightmare Before Broadway


TADW Mission Statement

The Teenage Drama Workshop offers middle and high school students an introduction to the theatre in a university setting, empowering them to learn new life skills and (for some) to contemplate studies or a possible career in this field. 

What is Teenage Drama Workshop?

Teenage Drama Workshop (TADW) is a conservatory style program offering teens age 11-18 the opportunity to develop skills in theatre arts. For the past 63 years TADW has been held on the campus of California State University Northridge. Our goal is to teach not only theatre arts but the importance of ensemble and team work through our intensive classes and productions. 

Who can participate in TADW?

To participate you need to be age 11-18 and either entering 6th grade in Fall 2021 or having just graduated 12th grade in Spring 2021. While our program is based in the theatre arts, you do not need experience in theatre to participate in TADW. We want energetic and enthusiastic students who are excited to learn about theatre and who want to great summer.  

TADW is a safe and welcoming environment for students to develop communication skills, creative thinking and build self-confidence. Although we are teaching skills in their relation to theatre these skills are life skills that can help them throughout their lives. 

What classes will be offered in your virtual program this summer 2021?

This virtual summer 2021 students will have an opportunity to participate in the following classes:

Puppetry:  Learn how to craft and manipulate puppets made out of things found around your home. In this course not only will you gain insight into the artistry and practice of puppets in theatre but you will also learn how to be the puppet master. 

Acting 1: Ages 12-14 In our introductory course students will learn the importance of ensemble building through a series of virtual theatre games and exercises. All techniques taught will be tailored towards Acting on Camera.

Acting 2:  Ages 15-18 In our secondary course students will gain knowledge in solo and two person scenes using techniques to engage your scene partner and audience. This course will also offer techniques on auditioning and cold reading. All techniques taught will be tailored towards Acting on Camera.

Filmmaking 101: Interested in learning how to make a movie? You will learn how to write, conceive and film a short movie from the comfort of your own bedroom.

Stage Make-up: Have you ever wanted to learn how fairies, creatures and witches are brought to the stage? This is the class for you. You will learn the basic skills of how to paint and transform your face into a character but how you create one as well using color, texture and perhaps a fake nose or two.

Komedy Klass: Learn the ups and downs, side to side and all the way around methods of making someone laugh. The course will cover how to improvise, tell a joke and make a face to get your audience rolling on the floor. 

Dance Musical Theatre: Who hasn’t watched the Tony’s and marveled at the precision of A Chorus Line or the hip hop steps of Hamilton?? Ever wanted to dance like that? Now is your chance. Touching upon the most beloved musical theatre routines, this class will teach you how to dance just like they do on Broadway and beyond. 

In addition to musical theatre, TADW will also be offering dance classes* in the styles of Ballet, Hip-Hop and Tap. Learn from the best and master these steps!


Voice/Music: Focusing on vocal production and reading music, learn the fundamentals of voice and music along with how to perfect what song you already have in your repertoire. This course will also serve as rehearsal for each sessions showcase.

The safety of our students and staff is our first priority as we continue to respond to the current health crisis. Our summer will be online although we may pivot to face-to-face program, if permitted by the California State University system. 

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