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Mike Curb College Peer Coaching Program

Why was this program created?

Coming to college can be scary, daunting and overwhelming. Especially with today’s added stressors brought about by COVID and politics. Rules, lack of motivation, and personal issues can often get in the way of graduating (~60% of students who go to college actually graduate across the country -NCES). But we in the Mike Curb College decided to create a special opportunity to help you overcome all of these issues.

This program was specifically designed to help you through your first year, which for most students is their greatest hurdle while transitioning to college. This program has helped hundreds of students like you get better grades, build friendships, and put them on track to graduating faster and easier than their peers, ultimately saving them time and money.

Check out this explainer video created by our 2019-2020 Peer coaches and students.

How will this program help me?

  • This program will give you one on one and group support through coaching.
  • Provide you trainings to help you succeed and thrive in college.
  • Opportunities to meet like minded peers and resources for your specific needs.
  • Possibility to earn a certificate of excellence for your resume.

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