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Drawing Workshop

The workshop is a non-instructed, self-paced opportunity to draw from the live model. The workshop is open to CSUN students and the general art community.

Spring 2020 Figure Drawing Workshop Schedule

CSUN Art Department

Dates: Tuesday Evenings, February 4 – April 24, 2020 [11 sessions]

Time: 5:30 through 8:30 PM

Location: AC602

Pose schedules: In each session there is a 15-minute mid-session break for the model

  • Regular session: Opening short poses (set of 2 min; set of 4 or 6 min.; set of 10 or 12 min.) followed by different 25 min. poses for remainder of the evening.
  • Longer pose nights: 25 min., hour or two-hour poses (after a warm-up set).
  • Full session pose: May begin with a set of warm-up, short poses-then a single pose for the evening
DateModelPose Schecule
February 4, 2020TBDRegular Session
February 11, 2020TBDRegular Session
February 18, 2020TBDRegular Session
February 25, 2020TBDRegular Session
March 3, 2020TBDWarm-up; (2) 25 min; (2) 1 hour
March 10, 2020TBDOne pose after long break
March 24, 2020TBDRegular Session
April 7, 2020TBDWarm-up; (2) 25 min; (2) 1 hour
April 14, 2020TBDRegular Session
April 21, 2020TBDRegular Session
April 28, 2020TBDOne pose after long break

The workshop fee is $7.00 per session. Workshop fee must be paid online. (Please bring a receipt as proof of payment.)

Parking passes cost: $4.00 for two hours, $6.00 for four hours or $8.00 for all day. Parking passes can be purchased at the Parking Enforcement/Information booths – located on Prairie off Reseda, between Darby and Etiwanda (closest to the Art Department); Lindley and Nordhoff (farther from Art Department); Prairie, just west of Zelzah (farthest from Art Department). The booth on Lindley at Nordhoff should always be open till 9pm on weeknights. The other two have the possibility of closing at 5pm when the parking enforcement people are short-staffed. NOTE* You must display the parking pass receipt so it is easily seen by parking enforcement on your auto’s dashboard or you will be ticketed.

If you purchase your pass from a person in one of the booths, and you can convince them that you are not a CSUN student, they will sell you a visitor pass which will allow you to park in the faculty lot right behind the Art Department (Lot D6). It is also possible to purchase parking passes from vending machines in the student lots – these passes are only good in the student lots. (Student lot E6 is the closest one to the Art Department.) These machines take cash or credit/debit cards.

If you park on the streets in the neighborhoods near campus, just be careful, as much of it is restricted parking. If you have a handicapped parking placard, you are still required to have campus parking permit.

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By signing up for and paying the fee for the CSUN workshop you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT on the Legal Notice page of this site.

Contact Us

The drawing workshop is held in room AC604 in CSUN’s Art and Design Center (see highlighted room on map).  

If you have questions about the workshop please contact:


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