• Restorative SHINE: 2021 Student Leadership Conference - Virtual Launch Date: Oct 4

2021 Hybrid SHINE Leadership Conference "Restorative SHINE"

Welcome to the re-registration season!

Re-registration opened on August 17th, and your organization President can re-register your student organization through MataSync. A minimum of one member from your student organization's officers, either the President or Treasurer, will need to attend two of the pre-recorded SHINE sessions on their own time before October 29th to complete this re-registration process; one must be a session called "Return to Shine." You will need to answer questions and provide brief summaries of what you learned in each session collected via this MataSync Form. The SHINE virtual session series is available beginning October 4th. All student leaders are invited to this SHINE experience, but your President or Treasurer must complete the requirement for re-registration. Here are Instructions for this Hybrid Conference.

The Virtual Sessions of the "Restorative SHINE" Conference:

  • Return to SHINE (Required)
  • CSUN Alumni Association-Student Programming
  • Foundational Club Building Through Community
  • Alcohol & Cannabis Use: What all CSUN Students Should Know
  • Wellness Matters: Practicing Self-Care, Cultivating Happiness and Building Resilience During a Pandemic
  • Virtual Programming 101
  • R.A.S.K. Random Acts of Simple Kindness
  • Sustainability: How to Make a Positive Impact
  • Clubs and Organizations AS Funding Process
  • Fundraising for Your Student Club, Org or Project
  • Organizational Stability - Leadership Development Clinic
  • Social Leadership - Leadership Development Clinic
  • Agility - Leadership Development Clinic

The In-Person Options for the "Restorative SHINE" Conference:

We will also offer students Leadership Development Clinics. These clinics are an extension of the SHINE Leadership Conference and are optional. To provide students an opportunity to work together in a social learning environment on a topic that will aid in their leadership development and the health of their student organization.