Fraternities and Sororities at CSUN

Spring 2016

Below is the listing of all recognized socially-based fraternities and sororities here at Cal State Northridge. Mail may be directed to all groups through this office and it will be put into their mailboxes.

Matador Involvement Center
California State University, Northridge
Northridge CA 91330-8344

Please direct general phone calls to (818) 677-5111.

Interfraternity Council

Interfraternity Council Chapters
ΑΕΠ Alpha Epsilon Pi
ΚΣ Kappa Sigma
ΛΧΑ Lambda Chi Alpha
ΦΔΘ Phi Delta Theta
ΦΚΨ Phi Kappa Psi
ΣΑΕ Sigma Alpha Epsilon
ΣΧ Sigma Chi
ΣΝ Sigma Nu
ΣΦΕ Sigma Phi Epsilon
ZBT Zeta Beta Tau

United Sorority and Fraternity Council

United Sorority and Fraternity Chapters
ΑΠΣ Alpha Pi Sigma Sorority
ΔΛΧ Delta Lambda Chi Sorority
ΓΖΑ Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity
ΛΘΑ Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority
ΛΘΝ Lambda Theta Nu Sorority
ΛΣΓ Lambda Sigma Gamma Sorority
NΑΚ Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity
ΦΛΡ Phi Lambda Rho Sorority
ΣΑZ Sigma Alpha Zeta Sorority
ΣΛΒ Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity
ΣΛΓ Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority
ΣΩΝ Sigma Omega Nu Sorority

Panhellenic Council

Panhellenic Council Chapters
ΑΟΠ Alpha Omicron Pi
ΑΦ Alpha Phi
ΑΞΔ Alpha Xi Delta
ΔΔΔ Delta Delta Delta
ΔZ Delta Zeta
ΚΚΓ Kappa Kappa Gamma
ΦM Phi Mu
ΣΑΕΠ Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi Sorority

Other Social Sororities and Fraternities

Other Social Sororities and Fraternities Chapters
ΑΕΩ Alpha Epsilon Omega Fraternity
ΑΓΑ Alpha Gamma Alpha Sorority
ΑΝΚ Alpha Nu Kappa Sorority
AΨPv Alpha Psi Rho Fraternity
ΑΣθv Alpha Sigma Theta Sorority
ΒΓΝ Beta Gamma Nu Fraternity
ΓPΛ Gamma Rho Lambda Sorority
ΛΘΦ Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity
ΩΦv Omega Phi Fraternity
ΦΛΝ Phi Lambda Nu Fraternity
ΦΨΩ Phi Psi Omega Sorority
ΡΔΧ Rho Delta Chi Sorority
ΣIΑ Sigma Iota Alpha Sorority
ΣΤΑ Sigma Tau Alpha Co-Ed Fraternity
ΤΩP Tau Omega Rho Fraternity

National Pan-Hellenic Council

National Pan-Hellenic Council Chapters
AΚA Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
ΦВΣ Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity
ΣΓP Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority
ZΦB Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

Social Honorary

Social Honorary
ΓΣΑ Gamma Sigma Alpha
Order of Omega