Newman Civic Fellows Award Nominations

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Newman Civic Fellowship recognizes and support the next generation of public problem solvers

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About the Award

The Newman Civic Fellowship recognizes and supports community-committed students who have demonstrated an investment in finding solutions for challenges facing communities throughout the country. The fellowship provides training and resources that nurture students’ assets and passions to help them develop strategies to achieve social change. Through the fellowship, Campus Compact provides learning opportunities focused on the skills fellows need in order to serve as effective agents of change in addressing public problems and building equitable communities.

Newman Civic Fellows are nominated for their demonstrated commitment to finding solutions for challenges facing communities throughout the country. These students represent the next generation of public problem solvers and civic leaders. They serve as national exemplars of the role that higher education can—and does—play in building a better world.

Newman Civic Fellows Eligibility Criteria

Newman Civic Fellows Awards honor the leadership legacy of Frank Newman by recognizing community-minded student who:

  • Engage in collaborative action with others from campus or from surrounding communities in order to create long-term social change
  • Take action in addressing issues of inequality and political polarization
  • Demonstrate the motivation and potential for effective long-term civic engagement

Newman Civic Fellow nominees must also meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Nominees must be enrolled at a Campus Compact member institution (CSUN) during the spring semester.
  • Nominees must have at least one year of their education remaining
  • Nominees must plan to continue at a Campus Compact institution for the next year, such that the nominee will be enrolled in higher education for the duration of the 2024-2025 academic year
  • Nominees must commit to submit a personal statement to accompany their nomination letter
  • Nominees must commit to proving a short reflection piece (video, article or letter) to Campus Compact during their fellowship year
  • If self-nominating, a letter of nomination (support) from a campus representative (advisor, faculty, staff) must accompany the student led nomination

Gather supporting documents:

  1. Nomination Letter, and Leadership Profile
  2. Nominee's Information
    • Nominee’s Name
    • Nominee’s Expected Year of Graduation
    • Nominee’s Major/Concentration
    • Nominee’s CSUN Email
    • Nominee’s Cell Phone Number
  3. Submit nomination and supporting documents

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Submission deadline is Wednesday, February 21, 2024 by 11:59 PM