Organization Re-Registration

Re-register a previously recognized student organization/club:

The re-registration process opens on August 1st on MataSync and will close on October 31st; after this date, all unregistered student organizations will be frozen in MataSync. To save time, please gather the following information and forms in advance. If you have to leave the form or could not complete your registration for some reason, you can return to the automatically saved submission; please click on your icon at the top right corner of the screen. Click Submissions and select the third tab in the center of the screen titled Organization Registrations. This option will allow you to choose the re-registration that you wish to continue and complete. Please watch this Re-registration Orientation Video before beginning the Re-registration Process.

Re-registration Steps:

STEP 1: Take C.O.A.S.T.

  • In this step, the University Advisor, President, and Treasurer of the organization will take our annual Club/Organization Alcohol Safety Training.
  • It is essential to complete this step BEFORE you start registering your student organization on MataSync. These forms must be completed in MataSync separately by your University Advisor, President, and Treasurer, using their personal MataSync accounts; this form will collect their account information.
  • All three positions will use the same form: COAST for Advisor, President, and Treasurer

Step 2: Create Your Membership Roster

  • This roster will need to be listed on the MataSync form during the re-registration process.
  • You will need accurate information (First & Last Name, CSUN Email, student ID# & Position Title) of your organization officers (*President, Vice President, *Treasurer, Secretary, and 5th Officer). These officers should ensure they are eligible to hold office based on the requirements for undergraduate & graduate student leaders. Your registration will be denied because we check each officer's eligibility. If denied, for this reason, we are unable to reveal this information in support of confidentiality — view Eligibility Requirements.
  • All student organizations are required to have a minimum of 5 members (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and 5th Officer)
  • Use this Excel Sheet as a template for your roster. Student Eligibility Roster Download
  • Please note: Each position must have a distinctive individual for each role. There can not be any duplicates. Once your re-registration is approved, you must update your membership roster in your student organization portal in MataSync.

Step 3: Update your University Advisor Information

  • You will need to know your University Advisor's First & Last name, CSUN Email Address, Department Name, Phone Number/4-digit extension, and Campus Mail Code (this is a four-digit #)
  • If you cannot reach your Advisor or have trouble finding one, please contact us at for assistance.

Step 4: If you have an Off-Campus Bank Account and Haven’t Gotten Approval, get a Copy of Your Organizations Off-Campus Banking Requirement Letter.

  • Read the Policy on the Administration of Student Organization Funds.
  • If your national office requires your organization to have an off-campus bank account, have the official letter ready to upload to MataSync during re-registration. This letter must contain or be accompanied by the following:
    • Tax ID # or EIN
    • Confirmation of the National 501(c)(3)
    • Contact person and phone number from National Office
    • National Office W-9

Step 5: Re-registration on MataSync

  • In this step, you should have a minimum of 5 Executive Board Members established, Advisor information identified, off-campus banking requirement letter, and C.O.A.S.T completed.
  • Only the student organization President can complete the Re-registration process; If this position needs to be updated, please use this Access to MataSync Form.
  • This is not an instant process, as your profile needs to be approved by a member of the Matador Involvement Center. If you are denied, you will be provided the rationale for why your profile cannot be approved in the discussion section.
  • If you are approved, you are officially University Recognized.

Step 6: Attend the SHINE Leadership Conference

  • The SHINE conference will take place on Saturday, October 29th; this will not prevent your re-registration from being approved before the conference date. Once SHINE has commenced, you will have until Oct 31st to attend SHINE and complete any additional requirements (if relevant) to maintain that approval. SHINE is a required recognition conference for all student organizations on campus. The President or Treasurer of each student organization must complete this requirement. You can find the required information on the SHINE Leadership Conference Webpage