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The CSUN Student Organizations Program exists to guide students in the creation of a space for inclusion and growth by helping student leaders access campus resources, acquire skills to use in their future careers, and reflect on their accomplishments inspiring personal marketability. We do this by fostering community through organizational collaboration and hands-on organizational management experience. We want our matadors to discover their shine and ultimately, realize they are home here at CSUN!

Officer Transition Workshops

Here are some tools to assist you in the transition of your student organization officers. Each of these workshops ranges from 5-15 minutes. In each event description, you will find the attachments and activities that are referenced in each workshop. Don't forget to take the workshop evaluation, also included.

Officer Transition Online Workshops:

F.A.S.T Workshop (Fast, Easy, and Simple Transition of Officers)
A quick and easy tool to help you with officer transition in your student organization. During this 6 minute workshop, you will get an opportunity to understand some of the most simple and necessary steps you should take while transitioning officers.

Organic Coaching
A helpful leadership competency that will assist you in coaching your team members to improve the success of your student organization.

Elevation Through Delegation
Learn to elevate the success of your organization and team productivity through the use of delegation.

Exploring Cultural Humility
Most student organizations are culturally diverse, and my goal is to prepare students to lead global organizations of the future. Let's explore Cultural Humility and some tools that can be used in combination with this model to help you become an extraordinary leader of diverse groups.

VUCA Workshop Series
We have created a series of virtual workshops to assist students in leading their student organizations through various changing environments. We have heard from students that they are unsure how to maintain the work of their student organization under our current off-campus status. We want to help them maximize the learning that exists under these unique circumstances. To do this, we have adopted a concept from the Army War College called VUCA. This concept has been tailored to our student organizations, and I hope it is useful.

Volatility: Times when things change quickly without much warning or prediction.

Uncertainty: Times when there is a frequent disruption with very little information and not much direction.

Complexity: Times when you realize multiple factors influence your complicated situation, and not all elements are known or understood.

Ambiguity: Times when events can be interpreted in many ways, and past experiences do not help to explain the current situation.

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