Joining a Fraternity or Sorority

Getting involved on campus is a great benefit to students, and joining a fraternity or sorority is one fun way to be a part of the Matador community. These organizations, which are chapters of larger entities that can span national and international lines, promote the development of numerous skills and the establishment of lifelong friendships and networks. If you are considering joining a fraternity or sorority, we encourage you to read a few of the key benefits CSUN fraternity and sorority members have identified as part of their experience.


Pre-Recruitment Education Program Logo

CSUN students interested in joining a fraternity/sorority will need to complete the Pre-Recruitment Educational Program aka PREP, prior to attending any recruitment activity. PREP is a comprehensive online educational program. There are many things to know about fraternity and sorority membership and this program is designed to help students learn more about this particular involvement opportunity at CSUN. Students interested in joining a fraternity or sorority must complete the following:

  1. Complete the Pre-Recruitment Education Program (PREP) on MataSync.
  2. Attend recruitment events.
  3. Accept a bid from the organization.
  4. Attend Greek 101.


One of the greatest opportunities in college is to develop leadership skills and to then use these skills in practical applications. Becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority opens the doors to elected or appointed positions and committee participation. Every member has an active role in leading the chapter. Each chapter is self-governing and relies on the special talents of its members for successful management. By learning to work in a group situation, you gain valuable skills such as goal-setting, responsibility delegation, activity-planning, problem-solving and decision-making. Such a skill set will not only set you apart from others in the future, but will aid you in leading a fulfilling and rewarding life. Fraternity and sorority members may choose to become involved in the leadership of one of the Greek councils, honor societies or one of the many other clubs and organizations on campus.


Scholarship is the first priority for all Greek organizations at CSUN. Members are encouraged to strive for academic excellence through scholarship incentive programs, study buddies and workshops stressing the importance of academics. Fraternity and sorority members achieving academic excellence are eligible for membership in national Greek honor societies, Order of Omega and Gamma Sigma Alpha, which recognize fraternity and sorority members who demonstrate a sound commitment to their academics and are proven leaders in the campus community. Greek members are rewarded for their academic achievements and are given many opportunities to interact with faculty members throughout the year. Each fraternity and sorority maintains internal academic standards that all members are expected to achieve.


The Greek community is inspired by each chapter's individual values so that each member strengthens their commitment to educational opportunity, inclusion and excellence while providing a foundation for a successful future.

CSUN Greek Values

  • Unity
  • Brotherhood and sisterhood
  • Leadership
  • Academic excellence
  • Teamwork and participation

Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Siblinghood and Lifelong Friendships

Membership in a fraternity or sorority can be like having a home away from home. One of the most enjoyable parts of joining a Greek - Letter organization involves making new friends and forming bonds that will last long after college. Brotherhood, sisterhood, and siblinghood means more than wearing Greek letters, attending meetings and going to social events. It is a feeling and a sense of belonging. It is the feeling of being yourself and being respected for your individuality. Brotherhood, sisterhood, and siblinghood create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Community Service and Philanthropy

The Greek community prides itself on its deep commitment to community service and philanthropy. Philanthropies are fundraising projects and events organized by groups or individuals to benefit the surrounding community. Not only do fraternity and sorority chapters contribute a great deal of hands-on work to local community organizations, they are also responsible for fundraising efforts that greatly benefit the specific national and local charities of each chapter. Charities Greek organizations have raised money for include AIDS Walk, the American Heart Association Run and Walk, the Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance, Choose Children, Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Children’s Miracle Network, the Special Olympics, Diabetes Walk, the A.S. Children’s Center and CSUN Disabled Students.

Social Activities

While academics are the main reason for attending CSUN, social events within the Greek community offer fraternity and sorority members a relaxing break from the daily routine of classes and work, as well as opportunities that are not found in other student organizations. On a campus as large as CSUN, you can sometimes feel like you need a family to turn to. Your fraternity and sorority can provide you those close friendships and the peer support you need to be successful at this large university. The activities provided by fraternities and sororities deliver an opportunity to form lasting friendships and meet new people. Although these activities are not required to participate in a Greek organization, there is little comparison to the variety, scope and just plain fun of Greek social events.


The Greek Community at CSUN has an outstanding intramural sports program that concentrates on promoting sportsmanship, healthy competition and school pride in a fun environment. Intramural sports offer fraternities and sororities a chance to safely compete with one another. No matter your athletic ability or level, you will be able to test your abilities in one or more of the several sports offered as part of the intramural program throughout the year. Other non-competitive sporting opportunities also occur throughout the year during Greek Week, philanthropy events, campus events and other social gatherings. They include ultimate Frisbee, flag football, volleyball, 3-on-3 basketball, 5-on-5 basketball, soccer and softball.


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Alumni Networking

The fraternity and sorority experience is not limited to college years; it is continuous throughout a lifetime. Greek alumni associations are available across the country, and the opportunities are endless for career and social connections. Through alumni contacts, you will be more informed about available career opportunities and will be able to establish relationships outside of the university. Greek alumni may also "give back" to their organizations by volunteering their time on a chapter advisory board, housing corporation board or as a regional or district officer.

Interaction with alumni can begin building bridges for you. Our community hosts a number of events for and with alumni, including:

  • Career Panels
  • Alumni Reunions
  • Networking Socials
  • Job Search Database
  • Assistance and Resources