Matador Volunteer Service Award


About the Award

The Matador Involvement Center brings to you the Matador Volunteer Service Award! This program is designed to recognize and honor all CSUN students, faculty, and staff for their outstanding volunteerism and commitment to inspire others to serve our communities. At the end of the academic year, those who will receive the award will be recognized at the annual We Serve Awards banquet. This program has recognized many clubs and organizations at CSUN who have demonstrated hard work and commitment in order to benefit the lives of others. It brings us great pleasure to provide such a special program to acknowledge all of our Matadors who continue to make an impact in our local communities. 

Recipients who enroll in the Matador Volunteer Service Award program are eligible to receive a medal pin, a certificate of appreciation, and a letter of recognition signed by the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. William Watkins. 

Groups that receive the most hours will be given a plaque engraved with the name of their organization. 

Individuals that accomplish the most hours out of all clubs and organizations will be recognized with a plaque engraved with their name. 

Criteria of Enrollment

The Matador Volunteer Service Award is presented to those that complete the following requirements:

  • All CSUN students wanting to be part of the Matador Volunteer Service Award program, must enroll under a university recognized club/organization. All participating clubs/organizations, must select ONE member as the team leader from that club/organization. For those not part of a club or organization, they will be required to join under Unified We Serve. Each group must have at least five or more group members.
  • Team leaders will be required to maintain constant communication with Programs Assistant for Unified We Serve via email.
  • Responsibilities of each team leader include the following:
    • Reminding members from your group to submit time logs
    • Receiving updates and approving hours completed by group based on submissions
    • Forwarding potential volunteer opportunities via email to your group members.
  • Each member must complete a minimum of 25 hours of service in order to receive this award. 
  • Each member must complete their hours of service between July 1st - February 28th.
  • Each member must completely fill out and upload a Monthly Time Log form for each month through Matasync (How to Submit Monthly Time Logs YouTube video tutorial)
  • Service hours must be submitted by their appropriate deadline or they will not be counted towards the Matador Volunteer Service Award


Summer Hours: Time logs from July 1, 2020 – September 30, 2020 must be submitted through Matasync by October 30th, 2020 at 11pm.

Fall Hours: Time logs from October 1, 2020 – November 30, 2020 must be submitted through Matasync by December 2nd, 2020 at 11pm.

Winter/Spring Hours: Time logs from December 1, 2020 – February 28, 2021 must be submitted through Matasync by March 2nd, 2021 at 11pm.

Levels of recognition as a club/organization:

Bronze: 200-299 hours

Silver: 300-499 hours

Gold: 500+ hours


Certain activities will not be counted towards the Matador Volunteer Service Award. The list of prohibited activities includes: 

Engaging in any type of religious proselytizing.

Providing direct benefit to a for-profit entity.

Participating in activities that pose a significant risk to participants.

Acceptable hours of service include mentorship, education, health promotion, helping the environment, helping with homeless/poverty, public safety. 

 ***Rules and requirements will be sent to you via email after have completing the application and have received approval from UWS Program Assistant***

Past Recipients

We Serve Award Summary 2018-2019

Group Names:

Total Group Hours:

Medals Awarded:

Unified We Serve

322 hours of service


Alpha Pi Sigma

506 hours of service


CSUN Athletic Training

550 hours of service


Sigma Tau Alpha

1,460 hours of service


Hermanas Unidas

530 hours of service


Bridge to the Future

1,110 hours of service


Collectively, 102 students contributed 4,478 Hours of service!


We Serve Award Summary 2019-2020

Group Names:

Hours Served:

Medals Awarded:

Unified We Serve

809 hours of service


Bridge to the Future

1,983 hours of service


Alpha Pi Sigma

205 hours of service


CSUN Athletic Training

274 hours of service



1,1,07 hours of service


CalFresh Outreach

570 hours of service


Collectively, 94 students contributed 5,000 Hours of service!

Enroll Now

Please be sure to read the rules and regulation of each of the application carefully before enrolling. Make sure you are enrolling in the appropriate position. 

***rules and regulations can be found on the second page of each application*** 

Register today!

Step 1: log into MataSync website using your CSUN credentials


Step 2: Search for “Unified We Serve” using the search function and select the Unified We Serve organization icon from results. 


Step 3: If you haven't joined our portal, select the "JOIN" option once arrived at the Unified We Serve organization portal home page.


Step 4: Navigate to the FORMS section below contact information and select the form titled “Matador Volunteer Service Award Enrollment Application” to begin the enrollment process.


If you have any questions regarding the application process or the recognition program, please email unifiedweserve@csun.edu.

Enrollment applications will be closed October 23rd at 11pm.