Matador Volunteer Service Award

The Matador Involvement Center brings to you the Matador Volunteer Service Award! This program is designed to recognize and honor all CSUN students, faculty, and staff for their outstanding volunteerism and commitment to inspire others to serve our communities. At the end of the academic year, those who will receive the award will be recognized at the annual We Serve Awards banquet. This program has recognized many clubs and organizations at CSUN who have demonstrated hard work and commitment in order to benefit the lives of others. It brings us great pleasure to provide such a special program to acknowledge all of our Matadors who continue to make an impact in our local communities. 

About the Award

Recipients who enroll in the Matador Volunteer Service Award program are eligible to receive a medal pin, a certificate of appreciation, and a letter of recognition signed by the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. William Watkins. 

In order to receive award, each individual must complete 25 hours of volunteer service. 

Certain activities will not be counted towards the Matador Volunteer Service Award. The list of prohibited activities includes: 

  • Engaging in any type of religious proselytizing.
  • Providing direct benefit to a for-profit entity.
  • Participating in activities that pose a significant risk to participants.
Acceptable hours of service include mentorship, education, health promotion, helping the environment, helping with homeless/poverty, public safety. 



Levels of recognition: 

  • Bronze: 200- 299 hours
  • Silver: 300- 499 hours
  • Gold: 500+ hours 

Groups that receive the most hours will be given a plaque engraved with the name of their organization. 

Individuals that accomplish the most hours out of all clubs and organizations will be recognized with a plaque engraved with their name. 

Criteria of Enrollment

Group Enrollment 

  • Participating club or organization must be university recognized and have a minimum of five group members.
  • Each club or organization must have a team leader who will be responsible for keeping track of all member’s hours, submitting hours to the Programs Assistant for Unified We Serve, and meet up with the Programs Assistant in January for a mid-year evaluation of organization. 
  • Team leaders are required to fill out a Team Leader Enrollment application online by November 18th no later than 11:59pm.  
  • All group members (not the team leader) must fill out the Group Member Enrollment application online by November 18th no later than 11:59pm. 
  • Individuals who do not have a group and would like to participate may be registered under Unified We Serve.

Enroll Now

Please be sure to read the rules and regulation of each of the application carefully before enrolling. Make sure you are enrolling in the appropriate position. 

***rules and regulations can be found on the second page of each application*** 

Group Member  

Group Members are those who enroll with a group. 


  • Each member must complete a minimum of 25 hours of service in order to receive this award. 
  • Each member must complete their hours of service between June 10th - March 5th. 
  • Each member must submit time sheets to Team Leader at the end of each month for the previous month. 
  • Team Leader will calculate and submit hours to the Program Assistant for Unified We Serve. 
  • Time sheets must be submitted by the Team Leader to the Student Assistant for Unified We Serve by the fifth day of the following month (business days only)(e.g.: Hours for all of July must be submitted to Student Assistant by August 5th). 
  • ALL hours completed are required to be submitted to the Student Assistant by the Team Leader by the following deadlines: 
    • Summer/Fall Semester: June 10th - December 18th 
    • Winter/Spring Semester: December 19th – March 5th 

Application Document Coming Soon!

Team Leader  

Team leaders are those who are the leaders of the group that is enrolling for this recognition program.  


  • Work in close communication with the Programs Assistant in Unified We Serve to receive volunteer opportunities if needed. (opportunities will also be provided by signing up for the UWS Newsletter). 
  • Stay in close communication with group members to provide them with volunteer opportunities (received from the Programs Assistant). 
  • Lead coordination of volunteer opportunities for your group. 
  • Send email reminders to group members to turn in time sheets (originals) to you by the end of each month. 
  • Compile time sheets from group members and calculate hours served for each group member. 
  • Must attend ONE training session at the beginning of the Fall Semester to thoroughly understand the roles and responsibilities of a Team Leader. (Date: TBD) 
  • Turn in complete group Timesheet Packet (ALL group member Individual Monthly Time logs, Total Team Monthly Time Logs) to the Programs Assistant in the Matador Involvement Center no later than the fifth day of following month (business days only). Service hours will not be accepted after the due date and only hours on timesheet will be documented. 
  • Input group members’ hours served into Excel Spreadsheet after confirmation of hours (provided by Programs Assistant via email). 
  • Turn in ALL time sheets each month from June 10th - March 5th. 
  • Meet with the Programs Assistant in January for a Mid-Year Evaluation. 
  • Coordinate attendance of your group members at the We Serve Awards Banquet at the end of the academic year; members of your group that met the requirements will be presented on stage with their awards. 

Application Document Coming Soon!


Please reach out to unifiedweserve@csun.edu!