College of Humanities

Professor Breny Mendoza Publishes New Essay Anthology

December 10, 2014

Gender and Women’s Studies professor Breny Mendoza has published a new collection of essays, Ensayos de crítica feminista en nuestra América (Critical Feminist Essays of Our Americas).

The edition collects a decade’s worth of Mendoza’s theoretical-political writings relevant to Latin American feminisms and decolonization processes of the region. From the book’s cover matter (in translation): “In Critical Feminist Essays of Our America, the Honduran critical theorist Breny Mendoza examines [the] crisis of Latin American feminisms and offers at the same time deep analyses and acute observations of Western feminist theories, postcolonialism, queer theory, Marxism, theories of empire and the new theories of decoloniality; she delivers quite pointedly the principles of one or various theories of Latin American feminisms that are aware of their locus of enunciation and their position within the matrix of the coloniality of knowledge and power.”

Mendoza reports that roughly half the essays in the book have been published in English previously; several have never been published in any language. The collection is currently available in Spanish through the Mexico-based publishing house Herder, and Mendoza is considering an English edition.

Mendoza was born in Honduras and studied in Germany before receiving her Ph.D. from Cornell University. She was a Fulbright Scholar and American Association of University Women Fellow. Mendoza previously published two other books and served as co-editor for a third.

The College of Humanities congratulates Mendoza on this latest accomplishment, a long-term project that reaches full expression with this publication.