College of Humanities

VI CSUN Philosophy Student Conference

Friday, April 17, 2015 - 8:45am to 5:00pm

Sierra Hall, Whitsett Room (SH 451), CSUN campus


8:45-9:00   Coffee

9:00-9:05   Conference Opening

            Prof. Adam Swenson, Associate Chair, Philosophy, CSUN

9:05-9:10   Welcome

Josh Dolin, President, CSUN Student Philosophy Society  

9:10-10:10   PANEL I [Ethics]:  Norms, Rules and All That: Autonomy and Placebos

Chair:  Taylor Hawking (Philosophy, CSUN)

      9:10-9:25     Ryan Cook (Philosophy, CSUN): 

    “Autonomy and Normative Authority: An Argument Against Relational Autonomy” 

      9:25-9:40     Cesar Bernal (Philosophy, CSUN):

    “Ethics of Placebos and Informed Consent with Respect to Pain” 

      9:40-9:55     Commentary by Prof. Adam Swenson (Philosophy, CSUN)

      9:55-10:10   General discussion

10:10-10:20   Coffee break

10:20-11:20   PANEL II [Metaphysics]: The Real and the Identical

 Chair:  Thea Manalang (Philosophy, CSUN)

     10:20-10:35   Pedro Melchor (Philosophy, M.A. Program, CSULA):  

  “Compositions as Identity: A Defense Via Similarity of Relations”

     10:35-10:50    Cleopatra Doyle (Philosophy, CSUN):

      “A New Way of Approaching Panpsychism”

     10:50-11:05    Commentary by Prof. Julie Yoo (Philosophy, CSUN)

     11:05-11:20    General discussion

11:20-11:30   Coffee break

11:30-12:30   PANEL III [Epistemology/Mind]:  Affective States in Truth and Art 

Chair:  Cory Benz (Philosophy, CSUN)

     11:30-11:45  Pablo Gómez Forero (Music/Psychology, CSUN):

     “Brain, the Music Machine: Neurocognitive Perspectives of Music and Implications in Attributed Musical Emotions”

     11:45-12:00   Josh Dolin (Philosophy, CSUN ):

“The Ergon and Telos of Inquiry: A Defense of Affective Epistemology” 

     12:00-12:15  Commentary by Prof. Abel B. Franco (Philosophy, CSUN)

     12:15-12:30  General discussion

12:30-1:00    Lunch

1:00-1:45    Faculty Keynote Speaker:

              Chair:  Clarissa Delgado (Sociology, CSUN)

     1:00-1:30     Prof. Brian Burkhart (American Indian Studies, CSUN):

“Radical Empiricism in Indigenous Philosophy"    

     1:30-1:45    General discussion

1:45-1:50      Break          

1:50-2:30     Letters From Abroad: Philosophy in Otherland

Chair:  Raul Velez (Philosophy, CSUN) 

     1:52-2:00      Prof. Nicholas W. Dungey (Political Science, CSUN)

     2:00-2:07      Prof. Douglas W. McLaughlin (Kinesiology, CSUN)

     2:07-2:15      Prof. Ranita Chatterjee (English/Liberal Studies, CSUN)

     2:15-2:30      General discussion  

2:30-2:35    Break            

2:35-2:45    Luckenbach Award Presentation

                        Prof. Tim Black (Chair, Philosophy, CSUN)s 

2:45-3:15    Alumnus Keynote Speaker

Chair:  Prof. Tim Black (Chair, Philosophy, CSUN)  

     2:45-3:05    Nima Rajamand (B.A. Philosophy; B.A. Linguistics, CSUN, 2012):

   “The Devil's Advocate or Modern Cleric? My Perspective As Dante in the World of Law”

     3:05-3:15    General discussion           

3:15-3:20   Break 

3:20-3:25   Final Remarks

Anjinette Barker (B.A. Philosophy, CSUN, 2014)  

3:25-3:30   Thank-Yous and Good-Byes

                        Prof. Abel B. Franco (Philosophy, CSUN)                

3:30-5:00   Barbecue in Northridge Park and Recreation Center

Address: 10058 Reseda Boulevard; Northridge, CA 91325 

For more information: Prof. Abel B. Franco (CSUN, Philosophy)


This conference is sponsored by

Sid ’89 & Julie Luckenbach
and the
CSUN Department of Philosophy