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Congratulations to our Graduates from Interim Dean Stallcup!

College of Humanities Yearbook

Congratulations, class of 2020!

I am so proud of every single one of you!  While we are not able to celebrate this all together at commencement this year, this does not diminish your accomplishment. However long it has taken you (and, just so you know, it took me seven years to finish my BA), you’ve done it!  

You’ve had a thousand late-night study sessions, you’ve written countless essays, you’ve filled in a lot of scantron bubbles, you’ve completed labs, and done internships.

But there’s another side to college life as well:  you've also made friends—some of whom will be with you for life—and you’ve joined clubs, you’ve tried out new things... you’ve learned a lot about the world.

More importantly, you’ve done social justice work and participated in marches, you’ve helped and you’ve volunteered…. 

College years are like no other time in your life and I hope that you have gotten everything that you wanted out of your time here at CSUN. 

I want to take a moment to thank your support system for all that they’ve done for you while you have studied here.  Very few of us make it through college without the help of a lot of people in our lives:  moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters. 

In a sense, commencement is really a time to celebrate them as well—it’s the moment when you are on stage but they are in the audience, and together you are celebrating all that you have accomplished.  You did this with them, and you did this for them, as well as for yourself.  And so, my congratulations go to your family and your support groups as well as to you.

Now, one of the things that is missing when we can’t have a commencement ceremony is the commencement speaker.  I have taught a class where among other things, we analyzed the rhetoric and messaging of commencement speeches.  Of course, there are certain elements that you find in every speech—that’s what marks the genre. But at the same time, each speech is unique and there are a lot of fun ones out there.  I invite you to look around at some of the notable ones that are available.  I’ve put links to some of my favorites below,

With that, I send you off into the world.  I know that you are going to make all of us here at CSUN proud.  Do good work, and do it well. 

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As education becomes ever more focused on professional degrees and vocational training, employers increasingly report that what they seek is not necessarily more specialized degrees but rather people who can think, who can synthesize, who can analyze, and who can apply a broad base of thought to a wide variety of areas. The College of Humanities teaches students to read, write and think. Our graduates are prepared for a 21st-century workforce that advances those who have the power not just to achieve and innovate but to communicate their ideas to an audience beyond their applied field.

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