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Master's Programs

The Michael D. Eisner College of Education offers a large variety of Master's degrees across a wide range of disciplines, including degrees in: curriculum and instruction; language and literacy; multicultural/multilingual education; various subject-matter areas; special education; educational therapy; educational psychology and counseling; and educational administration and leadership. These degrees can also, in some cases, be obtained concurrently with a teaching credential.

Elementary Education

Degrees in Curriculum & Instruction, Language & Literacy, and Multicultural/Multilingual Education are offered through the Department of Elementary Education. These degrees are designed to prepare the elementary teacher for advancement as a master teacher, supervising teacher, subject matter teaching specialist, or department chairperson.

Secondary Education

The Department of Secondary Education offers Master of Arts degrees in: Secondary Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Technology, Secondary English Education, Secondary Mathematics Education, Multicultural and Multilingual Education in Secondary Schools, and Secondary Science EducationEach degree program is designed to prepare the secondary teacher for advancement as master teacher, supervising teacher, subject matter teaching specialist, or department chairperson.

Special Education

The Master of Arts Degree Program builds upon the competencies developed in the Special Education Credential Programs, preparing students for positions of leadership, advocacy and scholarship in schools, the community, and within the overall profession of Special Education. We offer degrees with specializations in Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Early Childhood Special Education, Educational Therapy, Mild-Moderate Disabilities, and Moderate-Severe Disabilities. Degrees include our Special Education M.A. and Educational Therapy M.A..

Educational Psychology & Counseling

Our Department of Educational Psychology & Counseling offers M.A. degrees in Educational Psychology, with options in Early Childhood Education, and Development, Learning, Instruction and Evaluation. Additionally, we offer M.S. degrees in Counseling, with options in College Counseling and Student Services, Marriage and Family TherapySchool Counseling, and School Psychology.

Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

For those looking for careers in education administration, leadership, and policy studies, we offer Master of Arts degrees in Educational Administration and Higher Education Leadership.

Online Programs Through Tseng College of Extended Learning

For those looking for careers in Instructional Design and Gaming, we offer Master of Arts degrees in Instructional Design.