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Master's Program

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Connie White

The Master of Arts in Education Program with a specialization in Elementary Education is designed to prepare the elementary teacher for advancement as a master teacher, supervising teacher, subject matter teaching specialist, or department chairperson. Three program options (30-32 units) are available to candidates:

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Curriculum & Instruction Option

For teachers interested in developing their skills to teach all curricular areas, this option is one choice for consideration. The integration of visual and performing arts into the traditional subject matter disciplines such as language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics is unique to this option. Through a focus on the various state curriculum frameworks and standards, teachers come to understand the need for all students to be active learners engaged in a rich, meaning-centered curriculum. Emerging state curriculum standards and national frameworks for Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) enables teachers to become proficient in meeting the academic and life-skill needs of a diverse student population.

Language & Literacy Option - Now Accepting for Spring 2017 semester

This option places emphasis on developing a comprehensive and balanced approach to literacy instruction and assessment. Teaching students to be strategic readers, writers, and evaluators of their own literacy progress is emphasized. Through experiences in the Literacy Center on campus and within actual classroom settings, CSUN students assess and assist children experiencing difficulty in developing literacy skills.

The courses provided in this program also meet most of the requirements needed for the Reading and Language Arts Specialist Credential (RLASC) and many students elect to complete the requirements for both their Master’s Degree and RLASC simultaneously.

Multicultural/Multilingual Option

Both monolingual English teachers and bilingual teachers select this option to refine their skills in tailoring instruction to the needs of students learning English as a second language. The focus is on teaching children from varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The use of formal and informal assessments in the evaluation of learners is emphasized. Research-based strategies for providing English learners access to the core curriculum are used in planning curriculum and instruction.

The Multicultural Option in Elementary Education places emphasis on developing a comprehensive and balanced approach to teaching culturally diverse students in K- 8 settings. This option provides an overview of multicultural education that includes theories and practices in culturally relevant pedagogy, language acquisition, family and community assets, and multicultural arts education.

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