Student Finance

Student Finance

Student Finance Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who do I contact?
    • A: UNIVERSITY CASH SERVICES: - payments, refunds, Fall 2021 tuition questions

OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR: - adding/dropping classes

        FINANCIAL AID: - financial aid status, award amounts

                        STUDENT ACCOUNTING: - Spring 2021 and prior balances

  • Q: When will my financial aid disburse?
    • A: After you have met enrollment requirements, financial aid disburses weekly. University Cash Services processes any eligible refunds to you in the following weeks.
  • Q: Do you have payment plans?
    • A: Payment plans are open for Fall and Spring term only.  Please reference "Student Payment Information" for more information.
  • Q: How do I make a payment in-person to avoid the 2.65% credit card charge?
    • A: To avoid the 2.65% processing fee with a credit or debit card online, you can pay online through your student portal with a U.S. bank account. Carefully type in your bank routing number and bank account information. We are open to process check, cash and debit payments: we do not accept credit cards in person. More information on how to pay your fees
  •  Q: Can I pay my fees with a debit card online?
    • A: Your debit card is tied to a bank account. Use bank account option to avoid the 2.65% processing fee. If you use your debit card online, you will be charged the 2.65% processing fee by the outside card processor. There is no fee with paying by bank account.
  •  Q: I am a California resident. Why am I being charged nonresident fees?
    • A: If you are a California (in-state) resident, please follow the steps and complete the forms on this webpage: . We need confirmation from Admissions and Records that you are a CA resident. The charges will adjust in the system once A&R approves of the change.
  •  Q: How does the waitlist work?
  •  Q: I don’t see my question here, who can I contact?
    • A: Please send an e-mail to and include your name and 9-digit CSUN Student ID Number.


Tuition and Other Fees/Parking Fees

Student Payment Information

Payment Deadlines

Student Account Information

IRS Form 1098-T

Student Refunds

Perkins Loans & Sponsorships

Employer Reimbursement

Many companies offer tuition assistance to employees who participate in work-related or degree-oriented college programs. They may require proof of enrollment, charges incurred and proof of payment.

To request such documentation please complete this form:  Employer Reimbursement Form


University Cash Services is responsible for the collection of student payments and preparation of financial aid, loans and scholarship disbursements.

Student Accounting maintains all financial transactions recorded on students and sponsors accounts, including registration fees, housing, meal plan charges and other various fees; payments and financial aid awards.  The department is also responsible for the collection of all student related accounts receivable.

Financial and Tax Services is responsible for the administration and collection of Federal Perkins loans receivable and the point of contact for Federal and State tax compliance, including Form 1098T.