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University Travel

Travel Update


Effective immediately, daily meal expenses for travel will be based on actual amounts incurred subject to the daily maximum meal reimbursement cap of $55/day allowance. The Reimbursement Rates webpage contains details related to the meals reimbursement policy.




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Need Help?

For information on travel policy contact the Travel Desk at (818) 677-2945.

For eTravel technical support, create a Service Request to Solar Financials or email For immediate assistance contact SOLAR Financials by phone (818) 677-6685.

About the University Travel Office

The University Travel Office is responsible for accurate and timely reimbursements of travel expenses incurred by authorized individuals traveling on official University business. All authorized individuals traveling on official University business should incur the lowest reasonable travel expenses.  All University travel policies are expected to be followed when traveling on official University business.

Close cooperation between the University departments and the University Travel Office is essential to ensure timely reimbursements and the University's compliance with state regulations.