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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) governs the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones, for all recreational, educational, and commercial use. FAA regulations include drone registration, pilot certification, and compliance with airspace restrictions. All University employees, students, and visitors must comply with FAA regulations and CSUN policy in order to operate a UAS on University property or at University sanctioned events.


California State University, Northridge (CSUN) requires all UAS operators to obtain written permission from the campus UAS Committee prior to any flight with a privately owned UAS, or any UAS owned by the University or its auxiliaries. This permission must be granted prior to any flight on University property, or at any University sanctioned events off-campus.

Permission to fly requires disclosure of the UAS owner, operator, and all flight participants. The UAS must be registered with the FAA, and the operator must have the appropriate pilot certification prior to application. Details about the UAS design, registration, and plans for flight are collected in the application. All approved use of drones must comply with current FAA regulations. Proof of insurance is required.


The University’s UAS Use Policy is administered under the authority of the Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP). Applications for the use of UAS on- and off-campus are reviewed by the campus UAS Committee, comprised of representatives from CSUN Risk Management, Campus Police, and Environmental Health and Safety, in coordination with RSP. RSP will communicate guidance from the Chancellor’s office and relevant regulatory information and update the UAS policy as needed.


To obtain permission to fly a UAS on University property or at a University sanctioned event, complete the CSUN Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Use Application, and submit it to Allow at least three weeks prior to the planned flight date for processing. When a request is approved, the UAS Committee will issue a Notice of Permission for UAS Operation to the applicant. The UAS operator must have this permission in their possession any time the UAS is in use.

Please note that approval to purchase a UAS does not constitute approval for use of a UAS.  The individual or group must complete the UAS Use Application and obtain approval prior to any use of the UAS either on or off campus.


Applications must include a copy of the pilot's license, a detailed flight map, and a certificate of insurance. Flights in which the drone may be beyond the visual line of sight of the UAS/drone operator must also include a Certificate of Waiver from the FAA. Access the form and instructions on the FAA website.


U.S. Federal Aviation Administration

Code of Federal Regulations / Part 107: Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems