Research and Sponsored Programs - 2018


At the end of a funded project, grant agreements usually require a final project outcomes report, final financial report, and other documents to be submitted to the granting agency within specific deadlines after the end of the project. It is important for PIs and RSP staff to work together to meet these requirements on time, as missing the closeout deadlines can strain the important relationship between project teams and agency program officers. In the worst case, noncompliance could result in the withholding of future payments and rejection of future grant proposals submitted by other CSUN investigators.

Common closeout deadlines are listed in the table below. Post-award staff at TUC will email PIs 90 days prior to the anticipated end date of the grant, to alert you that it's time to begin thinking about your project closeout activities.

NIH and NSFWithin 120 days
Other Federal AgenciesWithin 90 days
Other FundersWithin 90 days, unless stated otherwise