Research and Sponsored Programs - 2018

Proposal Submission

All proposals* for extramural support of research or sponsored programs must be submitted by an Authorized Official in RSP.

*Some letters of intent, interest, or inquiry (LOIs), pre-proposals, and white papers or concept papers may be submitted by the Principal Investigator, if a detailed budget is not required. Your RSP pre-award analyst can confirm regulations and provide assistance for this process. 

Proposal Review and Routing - Cayuse SP

Once the Cayuse SP record is completed by the PI, and a final budget has been developed and attached to the record, your assigned analyst will route the record for approvals.  The proposal will be routed electronically in Cayuse SP for authorization by all investigators and associated Department Chairs, College DFOs and Deans, the Managing Director of RSP, and the VP of Administration and Finance.

Routing must start 14 days prior to submission so that all necessary approvals can be obtained prior to the submission deadline, and RSP can ensure your work complies with the sponsor’s guidelines, CSUN and CSU regulations and policies, and federal, state, and local government regulations.  Please note that RSP cannot guarantee that late proposals will be reviewed, approved, and/or submitted before the agency deadline. 

Compliance Check

Documents required to ensure your proposal complies with funding agency regulations and university policies will be managed primarily in Cayuse SP. For example, questions regarding Conflict of Interest (COI), Regulatory Compliance, Intellectual Property, and Export Controls will be answered in Cayuse SP and maintained electronically.  Your pre-award analyst will help you identify other required compliance documents, as needed. 

Following Submission and Prior to Award

Congratulations on a successful submission!  Now, it's time to make sure you will be prepared to start your project if it is funded.  We strongly recommend that you submit your protocols for human and animal subjects research early.  Please see additional details about this process on the Protection of Human Subjects and Animal Care and Use pages.

You should also use this time to complete all CITI trainings that would be required for your award.  Your assigned analyst will guide you on what is required.