Research and Sponsored Programs - 2018

Staff Directory

Research & Sponsored Programs Staff

Dr. Chris Sanford
Associate Vice President, Research and Sponsored Programs
Charlene Manzueta (x5008)
Interim Director, Research and Sponsored Programs
image of Charlene Manzuetta
Naty Palos (x6925)
Assistant to the AVP
image of Naty Palos
Karen Storey (x5187)
Budget Director
Sherrie Hixon (x7348)
Director of Strategic Research Initiatives & Innovation
image of Sherrie Hixon
Erika Reyes (x5435)
Project Specialist
image of Erika Reyes
Research Integrity
Jennifer Bloom (x5195)
IRB Analyst
image of Jennifer Bloom
Bianca Gantt (x5633)
IRB Analyst
image of Bianca Gantt
Pre-Award Liaisons

Liza Johnston (x3441)
Sr. Grants & Contracts Analyst
image of Liza Johnston
Ángel Vazquez-Lozada (x3348)
Grants & Contracts Analyst
image of Angel Vazquez-Lozado
Mike Epping (x7975)
Grants & Contracts Analyst

image of Mike Epping
Laura Serrano (x6776)
Central Grants Officer

image of Laura Serrano
Post-Award Liaisons (The University Corporation)
Grace Slavik (x3498)
Post-Award Manager                                               
image of Grace Slavik
Dakota Hughes (x3061)
Post-Award Analyst
image of Dakota Hughes
Mahyar Sadri (x6414)
Post-Award Compliance Analyst
Cristian Contreras (x5413)
Post-Award Analyst 
image of Cristian Contreras
Vanessa Wampler (x5416)
Post-Award Analyst
Elizabeth Zambrano (x3645)
RSP Administrative Analyst
Thuy Wong (x2607)
Post-Award Analyst Associate/E-Travel 
Philia Militante (x3379)
RSP Administrative Analyst