Research and Sponsored Programs - 2018

Centers & Institutes Administration

A Campus Center & Institute (CCI) is a formally approved interdisciplinary and/or collaborative unit that: 

1. is organized around a scholarly, creative, research, education, and/or public service activity that combines the interests and expertise of individuals, departments, or administrative units, and may draw on expertise of others external to the campus; and

2. may offer services to constituents beyond the campus community, e.g., individuals as well as private and public entities. While CCIs by their nature and location serve the campus community, their focus may not be exclusively internal. 

Purpose & Functions

Centers and Institutes do not confer degrees or offer for-credit academic degree instruction, except in the role of offering support to units with such authority. Activities of CCIs will vary and may include: 

  1. Providing opportunities for professional development for faculty and staff through teaching, research, scholarly and creative activities, and public service.
  2. Fostering and facilitating interdisciplinary efforts among disciplines, departments and across colleges.
  3. Providing a clearinghouse for information of interest to professionals, and conducting workshops and conferences for continuing education.
  4. Enhancing the curriculum by facilitating and supplementing the academic experience of students.
  5. Other functions as stated in the organizational document (i.e., “Charter”), and approved following the process described in section E below.

The full text of the policy governing the Organization and Administration of Campus Centers and Institutes is available here.