Research and Sponsored Programs - 2018

Pre-/Post-Award Liaisons

Division of Academic AffairsErika Bautista LopezJose Llamas
(Academic Affairs) Center for Assessment, Research, & EvaluationErika Bautista LopezJose Llamas
(Academic Affairs) Autonomy Research Center for STEAHMDamian VelazquezMarie Rillorta
Division of Student AffairsErika Bautista LopezJose Llamas
Tseng College of Extended LearningErika Bautista LopezJose Llamas
Mike Curb College of Arts, Media & CommunicationMike EppingJose Llamas
David Nazarian College of Business & EconomicsErika Bautista LopezAnthony DeYoe
College of Engineering & Computer ScienceDamian VelazquezMarie Rillorta
Michael D. Eisner College of EducationMike EppingYing Zhu
(Education) Strength UnitedErika Bautista LopezJose Llamas
College of Health & Human DevelopmentErika Bautista LopezJoseph Galvez
(Health & Human Development/Social & Behavioral Sciences) BUILD-IICharlene ManzuetaMarie Rillorta
(Health & Human Development) Marilyn Magaram CenterErika Bautista LopezJoseph Galvez
(Health & Human Development) Institute for Community Health & WellbeingErika Bautista LopezAnthony DeYoe
College of HumanitiesMike EppingMarie Rillorta
(Science & Math) Department of BiologyMike EppingJoseph Galvez
(Science & Math) Department of Chemistry & BiochemistryMike EppingMarie Rillorta
(Science & Math) Department of Geological SciencesMike EppingYing Zhu
(Science & Math) Department of MathematicsMike EppingMarie Rillorta
(Science & Math) Department of Physics & AstronomyAdriana HarringtonYing Zhu
College of Social & Behavioral SciencesAdriana HarringtonAnthony DeYoe
(Social & Behavioral Sciences) Institute for SustainabilityAdriana HarringtonAnthony DeYoe
University LibraryMike EppingAnthony DeYoe
Radio Station KCSNMike EppingAnthony DeYoe