Research and Sponsored Programs - 2018

Evaluation Services

CSUN’S Center for Assessment, Research, and Evaluation (CARE) offers no cost up-front pre-award consultation. The cost for our evaluation services is incorporated post-award into your proposal budget. We are an “on-campus external evaluator”.  We are highly collaborative, and work with you to create a plan that suits your RFP and budget needs. As your project evolves, so will your CARE plan.  

We can also:

  • brainstorm research designs for your ideas
  • review and provide constructive feedback on your proposal (e.g., clarity, flow, and consistency)
  • consult on data analysis and methodology plans
  • connect you with potential collaborators on campus who can complement your research/project team
  • coordinate research activities (e.g., data collection, interviews, focus groups)
  • verify/validate scales for a current or future project
  • analyze previously collected data

See a detailed list of CARE services.

CARE was established under the Office of the Provost to provide researchers and principal investigators with assistance in the three broad and overlapping areas of assessment, research, and evaluation. CARE personnel are well-trained to assist as:

  • developers of scales and assessments based on modern psychometric theory,
  • consultants for research design and staffing for research implementation, and
  • evaluators for grants, grant proposals and contracts. 

Whatever your assessment, research, and evaluation needs, we’ll take CARE of you!